How To Stop Motorcycle Mirrors from Vibrating

Tired of dealing with those vibrating motorcycle mirrors? Various reasons can be behind those blurry vibrating mirrors. Maybe it is your handlebar that is causing the vibrations? Or maybe the mirror needs to be tightened? No matter what the case is, you are not alone out there, as this is a pretty common issue that most riders face. In this guide, we will discuss how you can stop motorcycle mirrors from vibrating, so keep reading.

Fixing Mirror Blur Due to Vibration

How To Stop Motorcycle Mirrors from Vibrating

So, how to stop motorcycle mirrors from vibrating? Blurry mirror vision can be caused due to these vibrations, and this might result in an accident. You need to follow these steps to fix this issue:

  • You need to purchase a set of isolators for your motorcycle mirror vibration. These vibration isolators are like rubber plugs and feature a threaded road section with a threaded hole on either end.
  • You can use a 13mm wrench to remove your mirror.
  • Take your isolator and thread it into the mirror hole.
  • The next step is to thread the mirror into the isolator hole.
  • Now, you have to adjust the mirror and tighten it using your 13mm wrench as per your need. 

Repairing the Thread

Repairing the Thread

Maybe the thread has gone out of shape? Here is another fix for your vibrating motorcycle mirrors. First, you might want to check the thread mechanism that holds the mirror in place. It might be damaged if your mirror keeps vibrating even if you have tightened the mirror.

Therefore, you will have to fix it. Some models of motorbikes allow this to be fixed with an exchanged prince. But you will have to get the exact size and spec from your auto store.

If that damage is not that big, you can use glue to repair the motorcycle mirror using welding. But make sure you only use it if the mechanism of your mirror is not affected. Otherwise, it might cause the mirror to vibrate even more than before.

If the mirror thread is failing and chapped, change the screw using a similar one that is the right choice for your motorcycle model. Once you have found out what you will replace, remove the mirror, fix the apt, and put the mirror back in its palace. If a repair does not seem feasible and goes for a replacement mirror.

Adjusting A Loose Motorcycle Mirror

Adjusting A Loose Motorcycle Mirror

What if the mirror itself is loose? Another culprit that is causing your mirror to vibrate is maybe your mirror is loose, and no other part is affected. In such a scenario, you might have to tighten your mirror back in place and in its correct position.

To achieve this loosening mirror repair, you need to sit on your motorbike in a way you usually sit to perform any mirror repair conveniently and make adjustments in the correct positions.

Before tightening the rear view for the rearview mirrors, make sure you see the lane on either side. Cars and motorcycles can overtake you from either side, so you need to see any approaching vehicles. Make sure you see the entire lane from your mirror. 

Tighten and adjust the part that needs fixing and does not force it. For example, if you have fixed the motorcycle mirror thread before, ensure you do not damage it.

Fixing Motorcycle Handlebar Vibration

Have you checked the handlebar of your motorcycle? Unfortunately, the handlebar vibration makes your hands feel numb. Consequently, your overall riding experience will become pretty unpleasant. Therefore, we are listing down some ways that you can use to fix this problem.

Reducing the weight of your hands on your handlebar

Reducing the weight of your hands on your handlebar

Putting any extra mass right at the end of the handlebars can work well. It will not disperse any vibrations but will change the frequency of resonance. For example, if the vibrations are around 50 turns, the weight of vibrations starts to occur at a rate of 55 turns.

If you are looking to reduce vibrations even more, you will have to inspect the engine’s condition, valves, spark plugs, injectors, sync of throttle bodies, etc. You have to minimize the vibrations right at the source.

Tighten or loosen the engine mounts using a torque wrench. You can also change your riding positions. It is one of the things that you can effectively use to reduce your motorcycle vibrations.

Adding rubber bushes

You can add rubber bushes to all the bolting points on your handlebar. Adding these rubber bushes right at those bolting points can assist in absorbing those vibrations in your handlebar. It can provide you with a bit of relief. You can even go for more advice and recommendations from your mechanic on whether to go for this solution or not.

Going for soft grips

Many riders recommend going for softer grips on handlebars in case of a vibrating handlebar. Softer grips can absorb vibrations very well, and you might end up solving the problem completely.

Adjusting the chassis or suspension

You can take assistance from a professional mechanic to adjust your chassis or suspension. It is because doing it on your own can be pretty risky. So, only do it on your own if you have years of experience with motorcycles. But it is for professional’s help in this regard.

Using bar end weights

Another effective way to stop motorcycle mirrors from vibrating is to use bar-end weights. You can use bar-end weights at the end of your handlebars. With this added weight in place, your vibrations will significantly reduce. The vibration transfer causes it, ensuring fewer vibrations to your hands when you are riding.

Replacing your handlebars

Replacing your handlebars

You can replace your handlebar if you have tried everything mentioned above without resolving the issue. For instance, if you have an upward bent handlebar, replace it with a downward bent handlebar or vice versa and see if the vibrations are lessened or not.

Covering exposed clamp areas with rubber

It is pretty easy and quick to cover those exposed clamp areas with rubber. You will only have to purchase rubber and use it to cover exposed sections. You are doing this to reduce the vibrations impacts on your hands by up to 60 percent.

Integrating counter balancers

One way to stop motorcycle mirrors from vibrating is to use balancers. You can also integrate counter balancers within your engine. They can enable you to reduce more than 90 percent of vibrations from your engine.

It might also reduce your handlebar vibrations and, ultimately, your mirror vibrations. But you will need to go to a mechanic for this job or have enough experience to handle this job on your own.


What causes motorcycle mirror vibrations?

If your motorcycle vibrates a lot when you accelerate it, you might have loose mirrors, or their thread has worn out. You might have to check your handlebar, too, for any vibrations. Besides that, you might have to run a check on your engine bolts and plugs.

If you have gone through a repair or service recently, maybe something on your bike needs to be tightened. But in most cases, this is an issue in older bikes. Wind pressure can also cause, and your mirror housing is not firm to your handlebar.

Why do my hands ache a lot after a long riding session?

Hands tend to hurt after long riding sessions because you are putting too much weight on your grips. When you hold your handlebar slightly loose, your hands and arms will not feel much pressure. It also indicates your handlebar is vibrating a lot.

What can I use for gluing my side mirror back?

You can use epoxy glues to stick your mirrors because epoxy glues function way better than any other mirror. They tend to hold on well and are weather-resistant too.

Do bar end weights function well?

These bar end weights do function well because they make the handlebars heavier. You can also go for weight balancers. These weights make your handlebar heavier and prevent them from vibrating when your engine is running. The vibrations occur in this case due to resonance as soon as you start the engine.

Can I ride without my wine mirror?

It is illegal to ride without your wing mirror on both sides of your bike. If it is broken, then you must fix it. It is not safe for you to ride your motorcycle without these mirrors. Without them, you will not be able to see who is coming up on you from behind.

What if my handlebar is not causing any vibrations?

If your handlebar is not causing any vibrations, then there must be an issue with the threading of your mirror, or something is loose in your engine. It is better to see your mechanic and get the issue resolved. If you have enough experience in working with bikes, then you can resolve it on your own.


There are various ways to stop motorcycle mirrors from vibrating. There might be an issue with your mirror thread, or you might need to replace your mirror entirely. When your handlebar starts vibrating, there are some other moving parts in your engine causing the vibrations.

If it is your mirror, then you can do the repairs on your one or replace the mirror. Otherwise, it is recommended to take your bike to a mechanic and get the issues resolved.