How Strenuous Is It To Ride A Motorcycle 500 Miles In A Single Day?

The first question that comes to mind when long road trips are how strenuous is it to ride a motorcycle 500 miles in a single day? This is especially the case when you are going for it for the first time or haven’t ridden this much in a single day.

Well, riding 500 miles in a single day is quite an achievement. But for the newbies, it will be quite an uphill task. Riding this much in a single day might cover many territories. It may seem like a good idea to spend less time on the road during your trip.

But spending over 6 hours non-stop sitting in the saddle can be a pretty challenging task. This guide will show how difficult it is and the different factors you need to consider before riding this much.

So, let’s find out!

How Strenuous Is It to Ride a Motorcycle 500 Miles in a Single Day?

Ride a Motorcycle 500 Miles in a Single Day

So, if you don’t ride this many miles frequently, things will be tough for you. You can ask around many people for their first 500 miles a day on their bike, and all the answers will be the same, telling you it’s quite strenuous.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that you will not fly to your destination 500 miles away from your starting point. Eventually, you will have to spend your entire day sitting in your motorcycle saddle.

Now, if your muscles, bones, and joints are not used to this much sitting in a motorbike saddle, you will feel it for the next couple of weeks. And this way, you will ruin your entire trip.

In any physical condition, you will never be able to run for a mile when you have just started jogging. So, build your body for one mile and keep going until you are ready for the marathon.

Factors to consider before riding 500 miles in a day

Factors to consider before riding 500 miles in a day

You might be thinking getting a good bit of exercise will get you through that. But that is not the case. Even if you do regular exercises and some stretches during your ride, it’s still going to be pretty tough for you.

Riding 500 miles in a day means that you are looking at around 8 to 10 hours of riding activity in a day. So most of the exercises and scratches will not answer that behemoth of a question. Plus, various other factors will have an impact on your body besides sitting in the saddle.

Staying out of cities and rush hours

500 miles in a day will be a difficult target if you are not avoiding cities and rush hours in your route. If you have never done more than 4 hours of riding, this will hurt pretty bad, and it’s not safe for you.

So, it will be tough to deal with those long traffic lines and then go back on the highway to count some more miles down.

The type of motorcycle you are riding

If you are planning to take on long-distance trips, have the right kind of bike. Cruisers and touring bikes are the best options for such rides. However, you will not feel comfortable riding on a roadster or a sports bike for this gig.

Touring bikes are your best choice because they are precisely for these types of rides. In addition, the riding position and the seats are more comfortable than any other type of bike. Still, you need to be accustomed to riding these bikes as they are pretty heavy, and you have all the gear along with you.

You have to be physically fit

It’s not just about being in good shape and having the right kind of stamina to ride this long on your motorcycle. Even if you have the stamina, but you are sick or feeling dizzy or nauseous for some reason, you shouldn’t do it at all. 

The type of bike we are talking about is a touring bike, and it’s not a lightweight bike by any stretch of the imagination. So, you have to be in the right condition for this much riding.

Uneven road conditions

If the road conditions are not great, you will feel it even more. The impacts from the bumps will make it even more difficult for you to ride. This is because your body is not accustomed to this much work. So, suspension needs to be top-notch, even if you have done it several times before. Going faster will make you reach quicker, but you will fear out much faster if you are riding a bumpy road.

Unstable weather conditions

Riding through tough weather conditions will also suck out energy much faster. Whether you are riding in heat or cold, it will be less comfortable than riding in moderate weather. Wet and windy conditions make it unsafe to ride on highways.

How Many Miles Should I Target in a Single Day?

How Many Miles Should I Target in a Single Day

So, going for a 500-mile a day trip is a pretty tough ask, but how many miles should you target, then? Well, you need to figure that out for yourself based on the above factors.

Experienced riders who have done 500 miles multiple times before can go almost 1000 miles per day. On ordinary people can easily handle up to 300 miles in a day. And they don’t need to be highly experienced at long-distance riding for that.

You need to keep a few things in mind to determine how many miles you can cover in a single day.

Riding Experience

You need to set a target according to your experience. For example, if you have been comfortably doing 250 miles a day before, try to target around 300 miles or less for your long trip. You will be more comfortable planning your trip this way.

The right motorcycle

You need to have the right kind of ride as well to be successful in achieving your target. For example, the saddle needs to be more comfortable to sit in for more hours. If your saddle becomes uncomfortable after 100 or so miles, you need to go for a custom seat. Also, take care of any other little things that can make your ride uncomfortable.

Road type

Windy canyon roads will make it pretty difficult for you to ride 500 miles in a day. And similar is the case with dirt roads. Entering the cities during rush hours is going to set you back as well. But, if you continue to ride on the highways that allow up to 80 miles an hour speed, you will reach your target easily as long as your body can handle the toll.

Length of Your Trip

The length of your trip will matter a lot. There are times when people can reach their limits to cover 500 or even 600 miles in a day. But if you will ride this much again and are not used to it, it will be a huge problem. So, rip mix in some low-miles days to keep everything balanced when going for long rides.

Focus on Hours Instead of Miles

Focus on Hours Instead of Miles

It’s not about how many miles you should cover in a single day. Instead, it’s about riding how many hours per day? Of course, you have to do this if you don’t have much riding experience under your belt.

No, this can be 300 miles or 500 miles or even more than that. Those who have been doing 500 miles a day can continue what they are doing. But it’s better to focus on hours or miles for the newbies. This will allow you to rest as soon as your body starts to feel the pressure.

The question isn’t about how strenuous is it to ride a motorcycle for 500 miles in a single day? It’s about how many hours you should ride. Experienced riders focus on time instead of the miles. This way, you will be able to increase your stamina as well.

Try riding for 3 hours initially and then increase the number with every passing day. You will not notice it, but you will begin to cover more miles with the increased time.

You can use any route planning software and get the time to ride between two different points on your trip. This will indicate to you how much area you need to cover in a day.

Tips on Making Your Long-Distance Trips More Comfortable

Tips on Making Your Long-Distance Trips More Comfortable

So, how can you work on your long-distance riding ability and make it better? Here are some tips for riding on long routes more comfortably.

Know your limits

You have to ensure your long-distance limits. If you haven’t ridden more than 400 miles a day before, don’t push it. If you start feeling numb or dizzy during your rides or your eyes start to feel heavy, then it’s time to take a break. And start whenever you feel fresh.

Covering up

A full-face helmet is always the best deal for your long riding trips. Such a helmet will keep your face and eye well protected from sunburns or wind-chapped. Your head and face will also have a more aerodynamic surface and will feel less wind resistance.

Reducing noise

Your helmet will not be entirely adequate here, so take extra precautionary measures. Touring bikes make a lot of noise because they have big engines. The noise from these engines may sound too good for the first few miles.

But after around 200 miles, this sound will make your ears start ringing. Therefore, it would be a good idea to go for earplugs. And for this, if you like to hear your favorite tunes along, also use a helmet with an inbuilt stereo.

Refuel your bike and yourself

A great way to keep yourself going during a long trip is to make those stops for refueling. This way, you are not only refueling your bike but yourself as well. This will allow you to rest, have something to eat and drink and then get going.


Is stretching going to be helpful during long trips?

It’s always advisable to do a bit of stretching during your rides. It will keep your muscles relaxed, and your body will feel less stiff.

How can I make the seat of my motorcycle more comfortable?

If you have an old motorbike and its seat has lost its shape, you may need to think about investing in a new seat altogether. But if that’s not the case and your seat pose its form after a couple of miles, it would be better to use a comfortable and larger custom seat. This is because your hip muscles will be comfortable sitting on the larger seat.

Is it a good idea to ride behind a truck?

You need to steer clear from any of those rigs out there. Many truckers are riders, but they have a bigger blind spot to deal with a huge truck. They are not able to see you right on their tail.

Moreover, you will have to deal with any flying debris from the truck, like tire tread or anything else. Riding behind a truck to keep the wind pressure under control might seem like a good idea, but it’s better to get around and ahead of these big rigs. If you can’t go ahead, fall back.


So, the question is, how strenuous is it to ride a motorcycle 500 miles in a single day. It’s more about how much time you can spend on your bike in a single day. So, you have been planning your routes the wrong way.

You have to make sure to keep your overall riding experience in mind when planning how many miles you want to do in a day. Also, make sure that the road and weather conditions are good enough and have the right type of bike.

Take small breaks during your ride, and you might end up doing your 500-mile riding day for the first time in a comfortable manner. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself.