J+ BOOSTER 2 – The Ultimate Electric Motorcycle Charging Solution with Style!

Introduction Amidst the electric motorcycle revolution, the demand for dependable charging solutions is escalating. This piece delves into the distinctive attributes that render the J+ BOOSTER 2 a standout choice for electric motorcycle owners. We’ll explore its pivotal features, adaptability, safety protocols, user-friendly interface, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, discover how you can personalize and make your … Read more

How To Maintain An Electric Motorcycle

How to Maintain An Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles have many benefits over traditional two-wheelers. One advantage of having an Electric motorcycle is that it needs negligible maintenance. There is no battery maintenance, no oil change, no valve adjustment, no need to sync throttle bodies, and no air filter. You will only have to change those old tires over time or your … Read more

Why Do People Buy Electric Motorcycles?

why do people buy electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles have made news in recent times. All the major companies are hopping on board to develop the first electric motorcycle. And so many bikers are also making the switch. But why do people buy electric motorcycles? Although it may seem like a redundant investment, you’ll find e-bikes to be a lot more efficient … Read more

Futuristic Electric Motorcycles in 2022

Futuristic Electric Motorcycles In 2022

When talking about the future, no one is certain what it would look like. But motorcyclists are filled with curiosity about how futuristic electric motorcycles will look like and how they’ll perform. Motorcycles have gone through such waves, and they have converted into electric motorcycles. But how would Futuristic electric motorcycles be? To answer this … Read more

Do Electric Motorcycles Have a Reverse Gear?

Do Electric Motorcycles Have a Reverse Gear

Electric motorcycles come with many bells and whistles. But do these electric motorcycles have reverse gear? Reverse gear is something that is not very popular on bikes, no matter what types they are. You will only find a few models by some companies that have reverse gear on their bikes. And most of them are … Read more

Tax Credit on Electric Motorcycle and Incentives in the US

Guide to Electric Motorcycle Incentives and Grants in the US

We all know that electric motorcycles cost much more than their traditional gas-powered counterparts. But there are various federal and state tax credit on electric motorcycle and incentives that can reduce those high upfront costs. Many states have introduced these Federal incentives, and they have their state-level incentives too. While others are still developing these … Read more

Why Electric Motorcycles Are Failing

Why Electric Motorcycles Are Failing

If electric motorcycle is future savior, then why electric motorcycles are failing. The modern world understands the significance of electric motorcycles. The whole situation of global warming and reducing carbon emissions is pressing every vehicle manufacturer to make this shift in front of conventional gas or diesel-powered large and small vehicles. But regardless of their … Read more


Novusbike Review

Why Novusbike review? When attendees gathered at the 2019 International CES, they didn’t expect to see an e-bike made head-to-toe from carbon fiber. But, yes, that’s how shocking the Novus’s reveal was. There is a lot more to it than the carbon build. Just take a look at the Novus electric motorcycle, and you’ll know … Read more

Will Electric Motorcycles Eventually Take Over Traditional Motorcycles?

Electric Motorcycles Take Over Traditional Motorcycles

Are electric bikes worth buying? Will electric motorcycles take over traditional ones? Yes, with newer discoveries, electric motorcycles are getting cheaper. Although they’re expensive than gas motorcycles, they’re still the better option in the long run. Electric Motorcycles aren’t a new concept. They were widely accepted in the early 20th century in the USA. The … Read more

Energica Eva Ribelle Vs. Arc Vector

Energica Eva Ribelle Vs Arc Vector

If you’re looking for electric bikes with futuristic design, Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector, competes for the top spot. Both of them come with a top speed of 125 miles an hour. These bikes are the pinnacle of the electric motorbike industry today, and they both are equipped with all the features that make … Read more

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Vs. Zero SR/F Premium

Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SRF Premium

Electric motorcycles have become a massive thing in recent years, with all the manufacturers focusing on building rides with reduced carbon emissions. These electric bikes only run-on renewable energy to ensure your ride doesn’t release any harmful greenhouse gases and pollute the environment. In this comparison of Harley-Davidson LiveWire vs. Zero SR/F Premium, we will … Read more

Electric Motorcycle Vs. Gas Motorcycle – Which One Is Better

Electric Motorcycle vs Gas Motorcycle

Modern-day electric bikes have kindled the electric motorcycle vs. gas motorcycle debate among riders. Electric motorcycles are incredibly lightweight and user-friendly. In contrast, gas motorcycles are more powerful and can accelerate at faster speeds. No matter what you prefer, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Electric motorcycles are making a comeback with long-lasting battery backups. … Read more