Is It Legal to Practice Motorcycle Riding in A Parking Lot?

Is it legal to practice motorcycle riding in a parking lot? Yes, as long as it’s private property and the landowner has allowed it.

Other than that, most public areas are not open for practicing riding a bike. But it’s not as black and white as that. Things can change depending on whether you have a permit or not. And in many places, you can even practice wheeling and other stunts.

Thus, if you’re worried about your driver’s exam, don’t be. Here’s a full guide on where you can practice riding a motorcycle and what things you’ll need.

Is It Legal to Practice Motorcycle Riding in a Parking Lot?

Is it legal to practice motorcycle riding in a parking lot? If you’re just starting out, then you can practice your driving skills without a permit on private property, as long as you have the owner’s permission.

Another common circumstance where you can practice riding a motorcycle is in a designated training ground. An example would be the track that you drive on in professional driving schools.

Get A Permit:

Permit to ride motorcycle

While you can ride in certain places without a license, you’ll still need a learner’s permit. A learner’s permit ensures that you still have a basic understanding of traffic laws while you’re not done with your training.

It’s also a great way to prepare for driving school, as you’ll learn a lot through the process. The permit also shows that you’re trying to learn and not there to make trouble.

The big issue here is getting the permit. While the procedure isn’t too rigorous (and varies by region), you’ll still need to prepare yourself.

How To Get a Learner’s Permit?

How To Get a Learner’s Permit

The first thing you’ll want to do is get a driving handbook. If you’re unable to find one physically, you can always find an online version. Remember to look for your specific state/country handbook, as rules and regulations vary by region.

Learn the various symbols and street signs that you’ll face on the road. Also, familiarize yourself with regulations regarding helmets and speed limits. After that, you’ll have to take a written test in most cases.

It may seem like a bit of a pain going through that process. But it’s better to train with some knowledge about traffic rules. And if you’re already familiar with everything, a written test won’t take long.

Pick A Time:

Now that you have your permit and are ready to put your biking skills to the test, you should now pick the right time.

Most places that allow you to practice your driving skills are generally open to a lot of other people. And that’s why it’s important to choose a time that’s not too busy. The best way to know about this is to contact the owner or the representative of the place and ask them directly.

Otherwise, here are some considerations:

How Busy Is It?

How often do people practice on the lot? Are there too many people? You can look at the lot or ask the owner how many people there are normally in the lot at any given time. Ideally, you want a lot with low traffic. You can also practice with zero traffic, but only when you’re beginning. The actual roads you’ll be driving on won’t be empty, after all.

Are There Any Vacant Days?

If the lot you’ve got your eye on is open all week, consider what days it’s the least busy. The day you pick makes a huge difference. Most people will use the lot on weekends. Hence, if you want to avoid traffic, consider taking some time out on the weekdays.

Terrain and Size:

Lastly, consider the area you have available to drive on. You’ll want lots of space with only a few obstacles, such as light posts and traffic cones. Too much traffic won’t matter if your training lot is enormous.

Recommended Places to Practice Riding Your Motorcycle:

 Is it legal to practice motorcycle riding in a parking lot? Yes, as long as it’s privately owned. Here are a few suggested placed to try out your skills:

A Parking Lot:

Parking Lot to practice motorcycle ride

The most common place for people to practice riding their motorbike is in a parking lot. Parking lots have a lot of empty spaces. And they let you ride your bike without any limitation or fear of accidents.

But it’s extremely important to contact the lot owner and check if they allow practicing your bike. Not all parking lots are open to this. And many may reject it because they fear you’ll crash into the parked vehicles. Remember to make a booking beforehand and produce your permit when needed.

Private Property:

Private property to practice motorcycle ride

The next most common place to practice your motorbike is on private properties. These include racing and testing tracks as well as privately-owned parking lots and large open fields. Again, you’ll need permission from the owner or representative of the property to practice your skills there. These places are ideal for taking your bike out for a spin since law enforcement won’t interfere here.

Rider Programs:

Another place that people practice driving on are training tracks offered by rider programs. Of course, you’ll need to enroll in the program to use the track. But some may offer the track on off days for anyone to use.

And if you’re already enrolled in a rider program, you can ask for permission to use the track when it’s free for practicing. Lots of programs that include tracks will allow you to do so.

Public Property:

Finally, you can practice driving on public property. Now, this isn’t highly recommended. And in many instances, it’s illegal. But if you know where to look, you can find the right place to practice driving. Some places don’t necessarily have rigid traffic laws, such as off-road trails and streets outside your house. Again, this isn’t highly recommended, and you should try the above options first.

What Size Motorcycle Should I Use?

right Size of Motorcycle for practice

What size motorcycle is best for practicing? There’s a rule of thumb for this: the smaller, the better.

The biggest mistake rookies make when trying to learn a new bike is to practice on a big heavy bike. It’s always better to practice on a small bike first, even if you already own a heavier bike. The reason is that lighter bikes are easier to practice with, and they’re easier to pick up if you drop them.

Plus, if you rent a light bike instead of using your heavier bike, you don’t have to worry about scratching your bike. But eventually, you will need to move on to your heavier bike.

What To Practice?

Now you’ve got your permit and booked a lot, but what should you practice? Here are a few basic driving skills that you should practice before your driver’s exam:

  • Find the right seat position.
  • Adjust the handlebar reach.
  • Learn to shift up and down gears.
  • Learn how to use the brake pedals and throttle.
  • Also, learn when to use the front, rear, or both brakes.
  • Try your hand at turning. Start with basic cornering skills and gradually upgrade to high-speed turns.
  • Learn to judge the right distance, and when to brake so you don’t bump into any obstacles.
  • Also, learn how to avoid obstacles.
  • Now would also be a good time to practice parking. You are in a parking lot, after all!

Remember: Safety First

No matter how skilled you think you are or how safe you think the parking lot is, never compromise on safety. There’s a lot at stake here: your bike, your permit, and most importantly, your life.

Familiarize yourself with safety regulations. Even if they’re not enforced in your area, you still want to be safe and avoid any accidents. You never know when the situation can get fatal.

As a safety measure, it’s always a good idea to have someone with you when practicing. They’ll help you up and cater to your injuries or call emergency services if anything comes up.


Can I legally park at a school’s public parking lot during the summer?

It depends on what the school owner is okay with. In most jurisdictions, if the school owns the lot area, you’ll need their permission to park. Otherwise, it would be trespassing on private property.

Will cops have a problem with motorcycles practicing skills in empty parking lots on weekends?

Most cops won’t care about you using an empty parking lot for practice unless you don’t have the owner’s permission. If it’s a publicly owned parking lot, you can have a talk with the officials and ask for their permission. Without permission, the best they can do is remove you, and the worst is call the cops.

Can licensed motorcycle drivers practice maneuvers in an empty school parking lot on weekends?

Yes, as long as the property owners are comfortable with it. Parking lots that do not charge a parking fee are generally open for anybody to use. And if you have a license or a learner’s permit, it’s safe to practice without drawing any attention from the cops. However, if the owner has an issue, you can simply move along to another parking lot.

Is it okay to ride a motorcycle in a store’s empty parking lot at night if you’re practicing for your permit?

A lot of this depends on what the owner of the store has to say about it. In most hardware, general, and department stores that don’t charge a parking fee, it’s legal to practice. You should have your permit on you, though. Be sure to get the owner’s permission as you don’t want to get into an argument. Your city doesn’t have a shortage of department stores, so you can just move to a different one. 

How do I handle a driver who drives his car into the parking spot in a public lot while I have been waiting for it?

Never start an argument. The driver has already parked their car. An argument won’t solve it. Try to find another parking space. In some places, there may be laws that suggest that the closest driver has the right over the parking space. But you won’t be taking matters to court for a mere parking space. In the future, remember to secure the parking spot as quickly as you can. And never leave enough space when backing in for another driver to park.

Is it legal to practice driving in an empty parking lot in the USA?

It is oftentimes legal to practice driving in an empty parking lot in the USA as long as it is private property. But for public parking lots, even if they’re empty, you could get into trouble. Private property owners can also prosecute you for using their parking lot if they didn’t permit you.

Is it illegal to drive in an empty parking lot without a driving permit/license?

As long as it is on private property, you can practice without a license or permit. Of course, you’ll need the parking lot’s owner’s permission for this too. Otherwise, they could call the cops on you for trespassing.

Is it okay to drive in a store’s empty parking lot at night if you’re practicing for your permit?

If the store owner is okay with it and the parking lot space is actually owned by them and not public property, then why not? The police cannot interfere in this instance unless you’re endangering the lives of other people, and they call the cops on you.

Where can I legally practice Wheeling on empty closed public streets or public empty parking lots?

It’s illegal in most jurisdictions to practice wheelies on public property, even if the area is empty. Check up on state and federal laws as this varies by country and state.

Can I practice driving without a permit with my parent in an empty parking lot in America?

Yes! If the parking lot is privately owned and you have the owner’s permission, then you don’t even need a permit. Just be sure that the lot is empty and no one else is getting hurt.

Can you ride a motorbike in a car park?

Yes, it is allowed to ride a bike in a car park. But only if the area is empty, the lot is private property, and you have the owner’s permission. Outside of practice, motorbikes normally have separate parking spaces.

Can I ride a motorbike on private land?

The police cannot interfere if you drive on private land as long as you have the owner’s permission. If the owner does not give you permission and you continue to ride regardless, you could end up in jail. They could sue you for trespassing and riding on land other than a road.


Is it legal to practice motorcycle riding in a parking lot? Yes, if the lot is privately owned. Even then, you need the owner’s permission and stick by their rules.

Aside from parking lots, there are other places you can practice motorbike rides, such as training grounds and public property. But the rules are different for each place. Call the owner beforehand and find out if they can arrange a practice time for you.

Driving exams are scary. Just the mere thought of proving your driving skills induces anxiety and fear. But if you’ve done your practice right, there’s no way you can’t ace it!