Is Motorcycle Maintenance Expensive?

Is Motorcycle Maintenance Expensive?

Just like our human body, your motorcycle also needs maintenance. But the real question is, is motorcycle maintenance expensive?  Generally, the ideal cost of motorcycle maintenance is around $800-$1500 in a year. However, the maintenance cost depends on the region you’re living in, the motorcycle you’ve, and the way you ride it.   So what’re the … Read more

What is a Good Motorcycle for a Small Female Beginner?

What is a Good Motorcycle for a Small Female Beginner?

What is a good motorcycle for a small female beginner? Well, the answer is motorcycles that don’t have 600 CC engines. The beginner motorcycle must have an ABS mechanism, adjustable seat mechanism, and adjustable handlebar mechanism.  So what’re some top motorcycles? And what’re some buying guides to remember when buying a motorcycle. We know you … Read more

Best Tips for Beginner Women Motorcyclists.

Best Tips for Beginner Women Motorcyclists.

To ensure that every step of your motorcycle riding journey is fulfilling, you must educate yourself and learn the best motorcycle riding tips for beginner women motorcyclists. It would not be wrong to say that it takes more than just passion to master this unique art, especially if you are a beginner.  Understanding the growing … Read more

Is There a Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Motorcycle Helmets?

Is There a Difference Between Men's and Women's Motorcycle Helmets

In the market, you’re going to find three types of helmets: male, female, and unisex helmets. Now the question is, is there a difference between men’s and women’s motorcycle helmets?  Apart from all marketing tactics, yes, female helmets are different in size, style and graphics.  So it means any man can wear a women’s motorcycle … Read more

How To Choose A Motorcycle

How to choose a motorcycle

Saving up for a motorcycle is a tough and trying job, but it’s only just the beginning. If you don’t know how to choose a motorcycle, you might end up with frustration. There’s a lot to consider before you buy a motorcycle, with the first thing being the type. Motorcycles vary in style and intended … Read more

How to Ride a Motorcycle for Female Beginners

Can a 5 Feet Girl Ride a Motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle is pretty easy for anyone, irrespective of gender and height. Then how to ride a motorcycle for female beginners?  If you’re female and want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, then believe us, you’d learn to ride a bike easily. After all, women are better learners! Firstly, riding a motorcycle can … Read more

How To Maintain An Electric Motorcycle

How to Maintain An Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles have many benefits over traditional two-wheelers. One advantage of having an Electric motorcycle is that it needs negligible maintenance. There is no battery maintenance, no oil change, no valve adjustment, no need to sync throttle bodies, and no air filter. You will only have to change those old tires over time or your … Read more

Does a Motorcycle Battery Charge While Running

Many riders ask this question; does the motorcycle battery charge while running? Well, it has to, otherwise, you will have to carry a battery while riding your motorbike. We do not do that hence, it means that the motorcycle battery does charge itself while riding. Now suppose if your motorcycle batteries do not charge themselves … Read more

First MFG Co. Women’s Motorcycle Leather Jacket Review

First MFG Co. Women's Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Summary: Here’s a comprehensive First MFG Co. Women’s Motorcycle Leather Jacket review. The First MFG Co. Women’s Motorcycle Leather Jacket is pure leather for the average biker girl. It has a soft cowhide with a thickness of 1.2mm to 1.3mm. This is the perfect design for women, with its snap-down lapel and professional collar. What … Read more

Why Do People Buy Electric Motorcycles?

why do people buy electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles have made news in recent times. All the major companies are hopping on board to develop the first electric motorcycle. And so many bikers are also making the switch. But why do people buy electric motorcycles? Although it may seem like a redundant investment, you’ll find e-bikes to be a lot more efficient … Read more

Futuristic Electric Motorcycles in 2022

Futuristic Electric Motorcycles In 2022

When talking about the future, no one is certain what it would look like. But motorcyclists are filled with curiosity about how futuristic electric motorcycles will look like and how they’ll perform. Motorcycles have gone through such waves, and they have converted into electric motorcycles. But how would Futuristic electric motorcycles be? To answer this … Read more

Do Electric Motorcycles Have a Reverse Gear?

Do Electric Motorcycles Have a Reverse Gear

Electric motorcycles come with many bells and whistles. But do these electric motorcycles have reverse gear? Reverse gear is something that is not very popular on bikes, no matter what types they are. You will only find a few models by some companies that have reverse gear on their bikes. And most of them are … Read more

Why Do Women Prefer Scooters Over Motorcycles?


Why do women prefer scooters over motorcycles? They are fond of scooters, and this preference has nothing to do with any latest trends. Scooters have always been a preferred choice for lady riders. Breaking away from stereotypes, women can ride anything they want, but why has scooter been their trusty pal? If you ask around, … Read more

Women’s Fitted Classic Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

Women's Fitted Classic Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

Summary Fox Creek has used quality full-grain buttery soft leather for this Women’s Fitted Classic Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket. It is a couple of inches longer than the Classic I or II women’s motorcycle jackets by the brand for better coverage. It features a full-sleeve insulation liner that allows you to wear it on … Read more

Is Motorcycle Coolant the Same as Car Coolant?

Is Motorcycle Coolant the Same as Car Coolant?

Low oil and high RPM are some causes why your motorcycle engine overheats. And to tackle this overheat, coolant is essential. Now the question is, is motorcycle coolant the same as car coolant?  Yes, motorcycle coolant is the same as car coolant. However, many motorcycle coolant manufacturers made their coolant different from the car coolant. … Read more

Is it Legal to Remove Your Motorbike’s Cat?

Is it Legal to Remove Your Motorbike’s Cat

Disclaimer: We do not provide legal advice, please make your own due diligence! There have been seemingly numerous incidents where the Police has fined riders to remove their cat from their motorbikes. By CAT, we mean catalytic converters here. Multiple motorcycle dealers have reported these incidents across the country. Replacement of exhaust system or muffler … Read more

How Does Motorcycle Traction Control Work?

How Does Motorcycle Traction Control Work?

Your safety is the most crucial aspect of your riding life. And that’s why you should know how does motorcycle traction control work? Motorcycle traction control works by gathering data that can be further modified and collected and utilizing the power gathered by data.  Worry not! In this article, we will clear all your confusion … Read more