Do You Really Need Motorcycle Boots?

Picture this: you are standing in a store and instantly your inner motorcyclist is attracted to a pair of well-designed, exquisite, solid motorcycle boots. You head over to the counter to finalize this purchase but rather than being excited, you ask yourself, “do you really need motorcycle boots?”. If you can relate to this situation then we have news for you, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, many motorcyclists do not understand the role of motorcycle boots. 

Ask any motorcyclist and they will list helmets, jackets, and gloves as the essential clothing items of motorcycle gear.

Without a doubt, these clothing pieces are important because they are designed to serve a specific purpose. However, undermining the role of motorcycle boots and considering them redundant is one mistake that you should avoid at all costs.

The wrong footwear will negatively impact your riding experience and in some cases, they can cause damage to your feet. If this isn’t a good enough reason and you want to learn more about the significance of motorcycle boots, then just scroll down and read the following post.  

Reasons Why You Need Motorcycle Boots 

Following are some reasons which will explain why wearing motorcycle boots is necessary for your bike riding journey:

Protection Of Feet

Motorcycle boots in action on dirt track

Motorcycling is a rough and tough activity. One never knows which type of area they have to cross over while riding a motorcycle. In such unpredictable situations, wearing slippers, flip flops, sneakers, joggers are definitely bad choices. 

The reason why these types of shoes won’t be a good fit is that they will fail to protect your feet. When you wear shoes like slippers and flip flops, your feet are fully or partially exposed and are prone to easily get scratched or develop cuts.

Similarly, by wearing such shoes you are leaving your feet vulnerable to severe injuries which could result from a vehicle falling over or rolling over them. 

This quality of motorcycle boots is a special benefit when one is trying to overcome the challenges of off-road biking. Off-road riding boots are heavier and stronger than on-road riding boots. 

Well-built, long motorcycle boots have the added advantage of working as a protective cover for your ankles, shin, and bones. There is a high chance your ankles won’t twist and your feet bones won’t suffer from a harsh impact if you are wearing a good quality motorcycle boot. 

By wearing good motorcycle boots every motorcyclist can easily avoid serious leg and foot injuries as motorcycle-specific gear come with certain features such as;

  • Heel protection that keeps your foot being injured
  • Generally speaking a steel toe box with reinforcements
  • Extra protective material that keeps the ankle bone safe 
  • Steel shanks on the sole for protection
  • Waterproof material for rainy long long trips

One of the most common injuries motorcyclists faces is a burned leg from their own exhaust. These kinds of injuries can take weeks to heal and they might even leave a permanent scar on the skin. You can avoid these kinds of accidents by wearing motorcycle boots. 

Protection From Bad Weather

While riding a bike, it is extremely important for the driver to ride it in a comfortable position. This entails that your hand stays put on the handles and your feet smoothly controls the bike’s pegs and gear shifters. 

If you wear open shoes like flip flops and slippers, you will be at a disadvantage as your feet will suffer from different weather conditions. For example, during the rainy season, your feet will become slippery due to which you might find it difficult to ride a motorcycle. This will also happen in summers when open shoes are the go-to fashion choice, but again it will cause your feet to sweat excessively. 

Similarly, if you are riding a motorcycle without boots during the winter season then your feet will get numb, and trust me, you don’t want that. All in all, wearing motorcycle boots will protect you and your feet from getting under the weather.

Enhance The Riding Look

Every rider wants to look classy and sophisticated by wearing authentic bike gear. Leather jackets and perfect fitting gloves bring glamor to a simple bike look, whereas motorcycle boots complete a rider’s look by making them look cool and chic. 

Whether you buy a regular pair of motorcycle boots or whether you decide to go overboard by purchasing the fanciest ones, either way, they will enhance your look. Most motorcyclists opt to go for expensive, unique motorcycle boots, and to be honest, the look, comfort, texture of such boots is worth every penny.   

Improve Your Control 

An appropriate pair of motorcycle boots will not only look good but rather it will work wonders by protecting every move you make and every step you take. 

The right pair of motorcycle boots will give you a feeling of surety and confidence even when you are riding on the most challenging roads. This happens because motorcycle boots provide a high level of traction which eventually lets riders develop a smooth grip over the engine. This special characteristic of motorcycle boots acts as a savior for most riders and gives them support and stability when they are losing control over a bike. 

Regular shoes, flip flops, sandals, heels score pretty low when it comes to traction which is why wearing motorcycle boots is absolutely necessary. 

Provide Comfort

This might come as a shock for open-shoe lovers but in reality, wearing boots ensure that you ride your bike smoothly and comfortably. Generally while riding a bike, your feet are not in a stationary position and keep receiving shocks with every movement. Over time, these shocks start creating severe damage to your feet if you do not take timely precautions. 

The simplest way to protect your feet from abrasion and damage is to wear heavy-duty, solid motorcycle boots. The sturdy structure and design of motorcycle boots absorb all shocks that your feet might sense with any movement. Moreover, the strong sole and soft innersole work great together. With a good motorcycle boot, you don’t need to worry about the bike’s pedal constantly pressing against your feet and causing irritation. Fortunately, motorcycle boots will provide your feet all the comfort they need. 

Good Traction

You won’t be always riding your motorcycle on sunny days. When you hit the road on wet and rainy days, it becomes even more important to wear motorcycle boots as they provide adequate traction and help you grip the ground. Imagine wearing slippers or open shoes and losing control as you are trying to stabilize yourself. Here is just another reason why you really need motorcycle boots.

The Differences Between Regular Boots and Motorcycle Boots 

Lower legs and feet are the area that is most prone to getting injured while riding a motorcycle. The best kind of boots protects this vulnerable part of the body. A pair of sneakers or even normal boıts won’t be up to the task. So, what makes motorcycle boots different than your normal regular boots?

First of all, motorcycle gear is designed specifically for riding a motorcycle, which means they have qualities that keep you safe from extreme elements that momentum and speed make. These elements can cause injuries on your foot or ankle in a motorcycle accident.

Group of motorcycle riders on mountain road

It is true that hiking or working boots also provide protection against ankle injuries or against the kind of injuries that result from dropping something heavy onto your foot. But these protective qualities are simply not enough when you are riding your motorcycle on a high way. 

Therefore, investing in a pair of high-quality motorcycle shoes is of utmost importance. Yes, they can be a bit burden considering all the different kinds of gear you have to buy before hitting the road, but, well, motorcycle boots are really worth it if you are serious about this sport.

Before deciding on your next motorcycle boots, do not forget to take into consideration below fact, either:

  • The kind of motorcycle you ride
  • What type of riding do you enjoy the most?
  • The weather conditions you will be exposed to
  • What kind of trails and roads will you be riding?
  • Will you also be hiking at some point?
  • What kind of a rider are you? An laid back or an aggressive one?
  • Your typical daily riding mileage…

Final Verdict

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are around 100,000 motorcycle injuries nationwide on a yearly basis and most of the injuries riders suffer are related to feet and legs. This happens as a result of not wearing the protective gear motorcyclists are supposed to wear. It is a known fact that motorcycle boots can come with a high price tag you want to avoid as much as possible, but just like a helmet, they should be one of the must-haves in your wardrobe.

We hope the above shared information has solved the age-old ‘do you really need motorcycle boots?’ dilemma for you. To be honest, motorcycle boots are one of the most important parts of motorcycle gear. The comfort, convenience, protection they provide can not be replaced and substituted with shoes or sandals. Plus, they look great with every type of attire. So if you are feeling an impulse to upgrade your motorcycle gear, then now would be the time to start buying motorcycle boots.