Alpinestars Toucan Motorcycle Touring Boots Review


This is an in-depth Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review.

The Alpinestars Toucan is highly durable and great boots for touring. They come with intelligent features and work well on long days in the saddle. In addition, these boots come with a GTX liner to provide you necessary weatherproofing. Moreover, these boots integrate different protection systems to ensure greater safety and comfort.

You can also use them on those rugged terrains. They come with a unique buckle design similar to Alpinestars’ dirt boots. It is designed to shed the dirt or mud off and has a low profile to minimize any damage to it.

  • Weather protection with GTX liner.
  • Superb flexibility and comfort.
  • Great for long-distance rides.
  • Available in different sizes.


Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex boots

Spending long days in the saddle can be tough on your feet. Have you ever noticed your hands and feet began to feel numb? This is all because your body tells you to stop, but your mind keeps going.
If you deal with such days more often, you need to have the right gear. Most people don’t even take care of their feet when riding. And that is precisely why they have to deal with the numbness. Therefore, you need to have the right kind of pair to wear on those long rides.

But are the Alpinestars Toucan the right option that can address all these problems? Are they comfortable enough for long rides, and more importantly, will they last? How easy are they to put on and off?

In this in-depth Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review, we will find out all the answers. So, keep reading.

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots – An Overview

Let’s begin our Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review with a brief overview of this pair. Alpinestars has been one of the top-ranked companies in the North American and European markets for protective gear and clothing for action sports.

The Italian giant has outfitted numerous world champions. In addition, it is well known for its high-quality performance gear. You will find intelligent design features making these shoes highly ergonomic and comfortable to use during long rides.

These shoes also come with weatherproofing, thanks to the GTX liner that they have. If you are the one who likes to ride a lot, these are the shoes to own. They come with velcro closure, so wearing and taking them off will not be any trouble for you.

Apart from that, there are aluminum buckles with quick-release mechanisms to keep your feet secure. The upper section of the boot collar and the inner lining has breathable mesh. Plus, there is a lateral vent on the side for additional airflow. These boots are comfortable to wear throughout the day.


  • Exclusive rubber compound for grip and comfort.
  • Side vent and mesh design for maximum airflow and breathability.
  • Removable EVA foam footbed.
  • Aluminum buckle with quick-release locking system.
  • Advanced Achilles accordion and instep flex zones for maximum comfort.
  • Available in different sizes.


  • They are expensive.
  • A bit stiff ankle and slightly taller toe box make shifting a bit of a problem.
  • They do take some time to break-in

Alpinestars Toucan Technical Specifications

FeaturesProduct Details
MaterialsFull suede and leather with Gore-Tex membrane
FootbedRemovable EVA foam
SoleExclusive rubber compound
Closure systemVelcro with aluminum buckle and quick-release system
SupportFlex zones in the Achilles accordion and instep.
BreathabilityHigh with mesh in the inner lining and upper boot collar as well as a lateral side vent

The Alpinestars Toucan is a highly durable and comfortable pair of boots that you can use for long rides. They are equipped with multiple protection and safety features to make sure that your riding experience is top-notch.

Alpinestars has equipped these shoes with intelligent features to give you comfort when wear them on long-distance rides. These boots are waterproof and can take on moist conditions pretty well. Thanks to the GTX liner, these shoes are going to keep you dry even on your wet rides and will make things comfortable for you.

There is plenty of protection for your feet and ankles in these shoes to make them comfortable yet flexible for you. These shoes come with velcro straps to secure your feet and you will also find that buckle design to keep the mud off them. This buckle is designed to keep the design low profile so it doesn’t get damaged over time.

The best part is that these shoes are available in various sizes. So, you have the choice to pick the right size. You can find the right fit according to your needs and preferences. Unfortunately, this option is not available in other touring and adventure boots available on the market.

The design of these boots makes them a great option for touring bikes, but you can wear them on your adventure bikes. No matter what conditions you are dealing with, your Alpinestars Toucan will always keep your feet safe on your ride.

Now let’s talk about some of the essential features in this Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review.

High-quality materials

Alpinestars has used high-quality suede and leather in the construction of these boots. In addition, these boots are CE certified, and no harmful methods are used to develop these shoes.
They also feature a Gore-Tex membrane embedded with the upper section of the shoes and joins with the rubber sole. Your shoes are entirely waterproof with this membrane, allowing you to ride in various weather conditions with ease.  

Solid sole construction

In addition to the upper section’s quality materials, Alpinestars has ignored that the sole needs a little bit of reinforcement if these shoes last the tolls of long rides. Therefore, they have integrated the sole with a steel shank.

It improves the overall durability of the design and makes it comfortable to wear. As a result, you can continue to ride for hours.

Ankle protection

Alpinestars Ankle protection boots

Alpinestars have incorporated these boots with an excellent lateral ankle protection system.

This system connects the upper section of the boot with the lower part to keep everything stable and well supported. Your feet will feel much more relaxed with this ankle protection design in action.

Quality TPU protection

The Alpinestars Toucan also comes with a high-quality TPU protection layer covering the toe box and the heel counter to further improve the overall support, particularly in those high-impact areas. As a result, you will feel much more comfortable wearing your shoes on long rides, and your feet will be much more relaxed and have less impact to deal with.

Abrasion resistivity

Moreover, your Alpinestars Toucan boots have abrasion resistivity. This is due to the coated leather panel that develops an outer surface on the toe box. So, your boots will continue to look good as they stay safe from any wear and tear caused by exposure to moisture or abrasion due to impact.

Better impact absorption

These shoes come with an impressive housed heel design. The heel of these boots is used within an external protector molded for better impact absorption and dissipates to make it even more comfortable for you. Therefore, you can continue to ride for long hours without feeling any soreness or numbness.

Improved control and support

The Alpinestars Toucan comes with a shin guard made of polymer, and it is contoured as well. In addition, a vertical blade system will make sure you get better support and control on the front and rear areas of your shoes.

Better calf support and protection

These shoes come with a medial surface that has stamped calf panels made of suede. It is there to improve the support and protection of your calf. So, your calf will remain safe in case of any impact.

Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots vs Alpinestars Toucan

FeaturesAlpinestars ToucanAlpinestars Corozal
MaterialsFull suede and leather with Gore-Tex membranePU coated leather, suede, and microfiber
FootbedRemovable EVA foamRemovable EVA foam and Lycra
SoleExclusive rubber compoundVulcanized rubber compound
Closure systemVelcro with aluminum buckle and quick-release systemVelcro and aluminum buckle with a quick-release mechanism
SupportFlex zones in the Achilles accordion and instep.Extensive flex zones for rear and front accordion
BreathabilityHigh with mesh in the inner lining and upper boot collar as well as a lateral side ventNone

Let’s include another pair of boots in our Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review to see how the Toucan compares with another one of its kind.

We introduce to you the Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar boots. These boots are similar in terms of features and look if you compare them with the Alpinestars Toucan.

The most significant difference in design comes in the materials. The Toucan features leather suede and Gore-Tex in its construction. On the other hand, the Corozal comes with suede, leather, and microfiber.

The Corozola is geared towards various weather conditions. Whether it is cold, hot, or wet, you will find the Corozal boots pretty useful. However, the Toucan is more geared towards wet conditions.

You might notice that the ankle on the Toucan is slightly stiff, but it is even stiffer on the Corozal as it comes with even more protection.

Although Corozal is more versatile than the Toucan, these shoes will make your ankle movement a bit stiffer. As a result, you will find them slightly harder to tackle, especially when you are going for shifting. Therefore, these shoes are much better for cursing where you won’t have to do much gear shifting.

Alpinestars Toucan vs. Others on the Market

FeaturesAlpinestars ToucanO’Neal 0325-111 AdventureForma Adventure WP
MaterialsFull suede and leather with Gore-Tex membraneSynthetic leatherFull-grain oiled leather
FootbedRemovable EVA foamCushioned insoleReplaceable cushioned insole
SoleExclusive rubber compoundGoodyear welt soleDouble density anti-slip rubber sole
Closure systemVelcro with aluminum buckle and quick-release systemSnap lock with buckle closureDual-adjustable straps with velcro
SupportFlex zones in the Achilles accordion and instep.Generous heel support and cushioned instepNylon midsole with polymer padding memory foam
BreathabilityGTX inner linerAir mesh interiorDryTex breathable liner.

The Alpinestars Toucan faces pretty stiff competition on the market. The O’Neal 325-111 and the Forma Adventure WP are its closest competitors. So, let’s include a brief comparison of the Alpinestars Touran with these two in our Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review and how it stacks against the competition.

Alpinestars Toucan vs. O’Neal 325-111

The O’Neal adventure boots don’t come with that much protection, but they are still well made. In addition, they come with synthetic leather, so maintenance will be a lot easier.  Price is also in favor of these boots because the Toucan is an expensive pair of boots.

If you are ride occasionally then the O’Neal boots will work better for you. The Toucan is designed for serious riders.

As there is no protection in the O’Neal boots, they are much lighter, and you will feel more comfortable wearing them. But your feet might feel numb due to long riding hours.

The good thing is, you can wear these shoes in all weather conditions but make sure it’s not too wet because they will only resist water up to some extent.

Alpinestars Toucan vs. Forma Adventure WP

Now let’s talk about the Forma Adventure WP, which will cost you less than the Toucan but is slightly more expensive than the O’Neal Adventure boots. These boots are best for all weather conditions, and they come with waterproofing features.

They come with slightly lower calf height and look much more like traditional rider boots. Furthermore, these shoes are made of full-grain oiled leather and pretty durable too. They come with plenty of protection for your ankle, midsole, toe, and heel areas. Therefore, it is very similar in performance and function when you compare it with the Gore-Tex boots.

The only problem with these boots is they are not available in many sizes. But it would be better to go for a size up to be more comfortable in them. So, the Alpinestars Toucan has more size options, and they look far better than the Forma Adventure WP boots.

Things We Loved About the Alpinestars Toucan

Let’s talk about the things we loved about these boots in this Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review.

  • These shoes are pretty nice looking and stylish.
  • If you are looking for maximum feet and ankle protection, there are not many options to explore other than the Alpinestars Toucan.
  • These boots are fully waterproof and will keep your feet dry at all times.
  • These shoes have a steel shank right in the middle of the sole for reinforcing it and make it more comfortable to use.
  • Alpinestars Toucan is of high-quality leather and suede, so they will last for a long time.
  • Exclusive rubber compounds have been used to make them more comfortable and provide you with an excellent grip.

Things We Don’t Like About the Alpinestars Toucan

Despite all the positives associated with these shoes, there are few things you need to keep in mind before you buy them.

  • These boots are pretty expensive than their competitor because they are made of high-quality materials. But if you are not a serious rider and don’t ride regularly, you need to look for another pair of shoes.
  • These shoes come with plenty of protection, so they will have some weight as well. However, with thick layers, you will also notice that these shoes are a bit too stiff from the ankle region, which might be a problem for you when shifting.
  • These shoes will take some time to break in. If you don’t wear them regularly; your feet will continue to feel stiff in them. This again reminds us that these shoes are better suited for more frequent riders.

Final Word

After going through this Alpinestars Toucan motorcycle touring boots review, we can conclude that these boots are pretty high-quality and maybe a bit too much for someone who will not do much riding.

If you are a regular rider and go long distances, you will find these shoes pretty useful. They come with a precise tag of high-quality materials. There is plenty of protection and safety on these shoes, and they will keep your feet at ease no matter how long you plan to ride.

These shoes are excellent for riding in wet conditions. The Toucan will also keep your calf area well-protected from engine heat. These shoes are great for anyone who loves to ride most of the day.