Men’s Grayson Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review


Men’s Grayson Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket is suitable for everyday riding with a style statement. If you love to ride a cruiser or a touring bike, you need to wear this jacket.

It will look pretty nice with a pair of denim jeans or your favorite leather pants. Fox Creek has used 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm full-grain leather. It means it is highly breathable and will not develop any odors over time.

So, you can conveniently wear it in any weather. There are a couple of vents on the back, and its sleeves have vents too.

There are a couple of inside pockets. The one on the left has a snap closure, and the one on the right has a zipper closure.

There is an insulated liner that you remove, and it features a hide-way fleece with a neck warmer. It means that you can ride this jacket throughout the year, in winters and summers.

Its kidney panel is fully padded for protection, and for the hardware, Fox Creek has used antique brass YKK to give this jacket a classic look. There are a couple of zippered pockets on the wait and a zippered breast pocket.

  • Snap sides for adjustment.
  • High-quality full-grain leather.
  • 2 arm vents and 2 rear vents.
  • Excellent for all-year comfort.
  • Features zip-out full-sleeve insulated liner.
  • Armor provisional pockets for body armor.


side view of men wearing Men’s Grayson Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket

When riding your cruiser or touring bike, you will need protection and safety from the weather and road conditions. And, of course, you don’t want to fall short on your style statement either.

Moreover, you need to wear your motorbike jacket if you want to protect yourself from any accidents. It also needs plenty of storage capacity by utilizing the space available and integrating a few pockets.

All these pockets come with their closures, either zipper or snap closures. You can place all your personal belongings in these pockets safely and soundly.

But how is this leather jacket different from the other jackets available on the market? Is it breathable, durable, and lightweight or not? We will find out all about it in this Men’s Grayson motorcycle jacket review.

Grayson Fox Creek Leather Jacket – An Overview

The Grayson motorcycle jacket is a top-quality product made of full-grain leather. It Is a highly breathable jacket that you can conveniently wear throughout the year.

Thanks to the moveable inner liner, you can keep it on cold days and remove it when the weather gets hot. Therefore, you can easily wear it throughout the year.

Fox Creek has used quality full-grain leather in the construction of this jacket. This type of leather is an excellent choice for wearing in all seasons. Full-grain leather is also a perfect choice when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness.

Another excellent feature of this jacket is that it is entirely breathable. You will not get all sweaty while this jacket is on. There is plenty of room for you in this jacket to store your personal belongings.

There are a couple of pockets on the inside, and they both come with enclosures. The left inner pocket has a snap closure, while the right internal pocket has a zipper closure.

You can place your personal belongings close to you and safe. On the outer sides, there are three more pockets with zipper closures.

One is on the left breast, and it has zipper closures, while a couple of side pockets have zippers. These zippers are from YKK and have an antique look. They make your jacket look rustic yet stylish.

Apart from that, this jacket has snap sides for you to make adjustments to. Plus, a venting system includes a couple of arm vents and a couple of rear vents to ensure optimal airflow.

Air will move through the mesh shell when you are riding, and an internal wind flap will stop the cold right at the zipper. Besides all that, this jacket has provisional armor pockets in the back, shoulders, and elbows for you to use body armor with your jacket.


First, let us talk about the materials in this Men’s Grayson motorcycle jacket review. Fox Creek has used high-quality full-grain leather to construct this motorcycle jacket.

As it is full-grain leather, it will not lose its looks and shine any time soon. But you have to take proper care of it after each use because exposure to all the elements from each ride will make it look dull if you do not show it some love.

Closure system

This jacket features top-notch YKK zippers for closure. And these zippers will not get stuck on the fabric of the shirt you are wearing underneath your jacket.

These zippers will not lose their shape over time either. And there is no chance that you will end up breaking them. These zippers move up and down pretty conveniently and will not need much maintenance.


Men wearing Grayson Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket

Next up in our Men’s Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket review is breathability. Fox Creek has used quality full-grain leather for this jacket.

It means the jacket will be highly breathable. You will not have to sweat yourself to be inside this jacket, no matter the weather.

An inner liner will enable you to block the cold wind in winters. And the best part is that you can remove it to wear your jacket comfortably in the summers.

Moreover, to make the jacket even more breathable, there are a couple of vents on the backside and a vent on each sleeve.


This jacket is pretty convenient for you to adjust according to your fitting needs. There are snaps available on both sides of the jacket. These snap sides will allow you to tighten or loosen your jacket according to your preferences and size.

Protection and safety

The Grayson leather motorcycle jacket has an extended kidney panel and padding in it. It will keep you safe from any impacts.

Moreover, you will find armor pockets on the back or your jack along with its shoulders and elbows. These are there to keep you safe from road accidents or other impacts.

Nevertheless, you have to remember that the T-Pro armoire might not fit perfectly for all shoulder pockets.

So, you will have to trick that to fit nicely. With that being said, the back and elbow armors can fit very well, and you will not have to trim them in any manner to fit.

Sizing options

One of the best aspects of going for this jacket is that it is available in different sizes. You can go for anywhere around 38-inch chest to 60-inch chest size. And when it comes to length, there are two options available, including regular and tall.

Therefore, no matter how tall or big you are, you will always find the right size in the Fox Creek Grayson leather motorcycle jacket.

Men’s Grayson Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Technical Specifications

Size: 38-inch to 60-inch

Length: Regular and Tall

Material: Full-grain leather

Breathability: High (two rear vents and two sleeve vents)

Pockets: 5 (two inside, two side pockets, and one breast pocket)

Pocket closures: 4 zippers and one snap closure

Insulation: Removable inner liner

Seasonal: All-year, all-weather

Closure: YKK antique brass closure

Safety and protection: Padded kidney panel and provisional armor pockets

Grayson Fox Creek vs. Others

FeaturesGrayson Fox CreekClassic Fox Creek IIDistressed Fox Creek
Best forCruiser bikes and sports bikesCruisers bikes, sports bikes, and touring bikes.Cruiser bikes and sports bikes
Collar styleBan collarFlap collarBan collar
Fabric1.4mm to 1.6mm full-grain leather1.4mm to 1.6mm full-grain leather1.2mm to 1.4mm distressed cowhide
Pockets5 (2 inside and three outside)4 (2 inside and two outside)4 (2 inside and 3 outside)
AdjustmentSnap side adjustmentLace side adjustmentSnap side adjustment
All-season wearingYes (removable inner liner)It has a removable inner linerYes (removable inner liner)
Armor pocketsYes (back, shoulders, and elbows)Back, shoulders, and elbowsYes (back shoulders and elbows)
ClosureYKK Antique Brass zipperAntique Brass zipper YKKYKK Antique Brass zipper

Grayson Fox Creek vs. Classic Fox Creek II

Side and back vent of jacket

Let us compare the Grayson Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket with another one of the best-selling motorcycle jackets by Fox Creek, the Classic II, and see which one comes out on top.

If you compare both these jackets, you will see that there is not much difference between them. Fox Creek has used similar types of materials in the construction of both these jackets. They both are made of full-grain leather that has a rustic but eye-catching look.

They both come with an inner fleece that you can remove, allowing you to wear the jacket comfortably throughout the years without worrying about the weather. Both jackets also come with antique brass YKK zipper closures that will not wear out no matter what.

They both are available in different size options. Moreover, they both have armor pockets for protection, and both these jackets are suitable for cruiser bikes, touring bikes, and sports bikes.

But the Classic II does come with a different look as it has a more traditional look with that large flap collar that makes it suitable specifically for touring bikes.

Another difference between the two jackets is that the Classic II has more strategically placed vents in the arms and around the shoulders to keep you comfortable during your ride.

The Grayson jacket has vents too, but they are present at slightly different spots. The Grayson is better suited for sports bikes and cruisers, judging by the looks. Whereas the Classic II is better suitable for touring bikers and cruisers.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that the Classic II has one more petite pocket in it compared to the Grayson. And there is a valid point in that.

If you wear this jacket on your tourer, your bike will have all the storage options, and you will not have to place everything in your jacket.

Grayson Fox Creek vs. Distressed Fox Creek

Back side of Men’s Grayson Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket

If you closely analyze, there is not much difference between the Grayson Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket and the Distressed Fox Creek Leather Jacket.

All the features are and even the collar design of both these jackets are the same. But the looks are different because the distressed Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket is made of distressed cowhide. The distressed look makes the jacket look old but classy.

Due to its brownish hue and rustic look, it will handle dust pretty well. On the other hand, Grayson is black and requires more cleaning and maintenance. This is the only difference that both these jackets have.

The Distressed jacket has the same armoire provisional pockets in the back, shoulders, and elbows as the Grayson. There are dual rear vents and front vented sleeves on it, just like its black counterpart.

Moreover, the Distressed leather jacket comes with a couple of inside pockets on both sides, just like the Grayson. One has a snap closure, while the other one has a zipper closure.

The distressed leather jacket has insulated liners with a fleece neck warmer like the Grayson and a padded kidney panel. The Distressed jacket comes with YKK antique brass zipper that adds to its overall looks.

So, both the Grayson motorcycle leather jacket and the Distressed leather motorcycle jack are almost similar. However, Fox creek has just used different leather materials in the construction of both these jackets.

If you are looking for that old, classy, roughed-up leather look, you need to consider the Distressed leather jacket. It will handle dust better thanks to its roughed-up look.

But its leather is thinner compared to Grayson’s. The Grayson has thicker leather and is much more durable than Distressed. But Grayson has a much cleaner and new look than the Distressed, if that matters.

Things We Like About the Men’s Grayson Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  • Full-grain leather construction for looks and feel.
  • The jack has antique brass zippers from YKK.
  • Two internal and three pockets outside, all with enclosures.
  • The jacket is made of full-grain leather.
  • It has vents on the rear end and sleeves for maximum breathability.
  • The Kennedy panel is extended and padded.
  • Removable insulated liner with neck-warming hide-away fleece.
  • The provisional armor pockets on the back, shoulders, and elbows.
  • Removable inner liners for maximum breathability.

Things We Don’t Like About the Men’s Grayson Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  • Shoulder armor might need trimming slightly for proper fitting.

Final Word

The Grayson Fox Creek jacket is a pretty good option for any rider looking for a quality motorcycle jacket. It is made of top-notch leather and has multiple pockets to place your personal belongings.

You can use this jacket throughout the year with its removable liner. You can adjust its fitting with the side adjustment.