How Is Women Motorcycle Gear Different Than Men?

What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you hear the word motorcycle? Most men start fantasizing about heavy bikes as soon as they hear this word, whereas women have their eyes set on that shiny, smooth female motorcycle gear.

The concept of motorcycle gear for women is a new one and was only introduced in the market a few years ago. While it is good to know that the industry is taking proactive initiatives to fulfill the needs of female users, still many consumers are curious to know how is women motorcycle gear different than men?

The apparent reason for this is that just judging by the looks, a woman’s motorcycle gear seems pretty similar to men motorcycle gear. On top of it, they both are designed for the same purpose ie to protect the rider. These similarities naturally pique the interest of potential buyers as they want to know what makes a woman’s motorcycle gear unique and different. 

If you are interested to educate yourself and learn how is women’s motorcycle gear different than men’s, then just scroll down and read this post till the end.

Women Motorcycle Gear

Generally, a good motorcycle gear consists of the following clothing items:

  • Jackets
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Helmet
  • Gloves

Let’s take a look at how these clothing items are designed differently for women motorcyclists:


Nothing defines motorcycle gear better than a cool, chic jacket. Since a jacket is the most important piece of motorcycle gear, therefore it comes with different characteristics. Primarily a woman’s motorcycle jacket is more toned and defined as compared to a man’s motorcycle jacket. You will see it is more contoured to properly fit the waist, bust, and hip area. 

Female rider in protective biker jacket as one of the most important women motorcycle gear

This quality can not be found in a man’s motorcycle jacket as those are given a straight-cut. The sleeves of a woman’s jacket are a bit short but they are not tight and narrow. If you want to feel like a diva and fashionista then you will love the variety of styles and designs which are available for women motorcycle jackets.

Keep in mind that the overall look and texture of the jacket depends hugely on the material you are selecting. The most commonly used fabrics for women riding gear are leather and textile. 

Leather clothing will do wonders for you if you want to protect yourself from skin abrasions. Not to forget-who doesn’t love the look of a leather jacket? Textile fabric clothing might not score that high as leather clothing but it is more flexible and can be worn in summers and winters. 


If you are a regular motorcyclist, you would agree that jeans and shorts have no place in authentic motorcycle gear. Riding a motorcycle wearing jeans or shorts is an offense even according to the fashion police. 

As a female motorcyclist, you would be glad to know that women’s riding pants are tight-fitted. These tight-fitted pants save you from the trouble that comes with loose, baggy pants. You will fall head over heels with the overall look these pants will bring to your style. 

The various styles and designs available for women’s motorcycle pants allow riders to roll up the pants or pair them with classy high-heels. Men’s motorcycle pants are very simple in terms of design and style. Their pants follow the straightforward cut and are also wide. 


female motorbike boots

Whether you are an amateur rider or a professional one, either way, proper motorcycle boots must be one of your most valued belongings. Wearing sandals, high-heels, joggers for motorcycle riding is considered as starting on the wrong foot. Inappropriate shoes will spoil the fun and comfort of your ride. 

Riding boots for women are supported with higher heels. Some boots are so long that they can cover your legs and will reach below the knee. For comfort, men’s riding boots have a shorter length. Luckily, you can find both comfort and style in women’s riding boots. 


Helmets act as armor for every rider and protect riders from serious, dangerous injuries and unforeseen accidents. Once you place a helmet on your head-your the riding look will be complete. Keep in mind that wearing a helmet is necessary for your safety.

woman with helmet

Technically, women can wear any type of helmet. So if a female rider decides to use a male’s riding helmet then she can do it. However, keep in mind that generally women have a smaller head than men and your head might feel out of place in large-sized men’s helmets. If you want to find out more about men’s helmets, you can also check out here.

We have one hack for you to solve this problem. Most riding helmets come with removable comfort liners and cheek pads. These two items are supposed to adjust the fit and form of the helmet. If your helmet doesn’t fit you, remove their liners and pads and replace them with thicker headlines/thicker cheek pads as they will make your helmet smaller. 


Just like we glam up our everyday/ formal wear with multiple accessories, we can do the same with our motorcycle gear. You can add accessories like bags, gloves, balaclavas, bolo cords, wallets, leather caps, extender chains, vest extenders, and motorcycle boot covers.  

These accessories will make you stand out and bring more life to simple motorcycle gear. Just keep in mind that these accessories are unisex and usually there is no difference in their style and design based on gender. 


Long gone are the days when women had to struggle to fit in masculine roles and masculine clothes. Whether you want to ride a bike for recreational purposes or for a daily commute, either way, now you don’t have to compromise the quality of your ride with inappropriate motorcycle gear. 

We hope this post will serve as a guide for you and will help you in making the right choice for your motorcycle gear. The best part about women’s motorcycle gear is that they are now easily available in online and onsite stores. So get your cash/credit card ready and treat yourself with the best roadie outfit of the town.