Women’s Fitted Classic Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review


Leather jacket for Women's from Classic Fox Creek

Fox Creek has used quality full-grain buttery soft leather for this Women’s Fitted Classic Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket. It is a couple of inches longer than the Classic I or II women’s motorcycle jackets by the brand for better coverage.

It features a full-sleeve insulation liner that allows you to wear it on cold days and remove it when the weather is relaxing. So, you can conveniently wear it throughout the year while riding.

There are a couple of pockets on the inside with closures. You can place your personal belongings in them and keep them safe during your ride. Due to the fitted elastic on the waist section, the jacket fits nicely according to your body while keeping you as comfy as possible.

Moreover, side panels with zippers allow expansion and maximum adjustability. This jacket is all about riding safety and protection while not letting you make your style statement.

  • Various size options are available.
  • Quality 1.2mm to 1.4mm buttery full-grain leather.
  • Removable insulation liner for all-year wearing.
  • Adjustable side panels.
  • Tapered waist to contour well to your body shape.
  • 2 pockets on the inside and 2 on the outside.


The Fox Creek Classic Women’s motorcycle jacket is exceptionally comfortable and looks pretty nice. It has that nice and soft touch of cowhide leather, making this jacket an excellent choice for riding.

It will provide you with the protection you are looking for on the road while keeping you safe from weather and road conditions.

Besides that, this jacket is all about a comfortable fit. So, whether you are riding or hanging around with your friends, you can adjust its fitting according to your needs. With this jacket, you will never have to compromise on your style and looks.

Plus, you can wear it throughout the year, thanks to the removable liner that it comes with. There are two large pockets on the inside that allow you to keep your stuff close to you.

This jacket has so much to offer but is it better than others on the market? In this in-depth Women’s Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review, let’s find out all about it.

Women’s Fitted Fox Creek Classic Motorcycle Jacket – An Overview

Fox Creek Classic Women's motorcycle jacket

We will begin our detailed Women’s Fox Creek leather motorcycle jacket review with a brief overview. Available in different sizes and lengths, this jacket is suitable for all. So, whether you are petite or bulky, you will find the right fit according to your preferences.

Fox Creek has used full-grain cowhide leather in the development of this jacket. This type of leather not only looks neat but also provides you with plenty of protection. And that is something you will need on your road trips.

But the feature that makes it stand out is its adjustability and all-year wearing. There are side panels that come with zippers, and you can adjust them according to your body shape. You can zip up the adjustment for full fitting and undo the zipper for a much more relaxed fitting when you’re sitting.

Therefore, you can use this jacket for riding and your daily use. Furthermore, this jacket has a tapered waist to enhance your body shape, giving you one more reason to love this jacket.

All-year wearing is possible thanks to the removable liner insulation. So, your jacket is ready to serve you as a true companion no matter the weather outside. On a hot day, you can use the expansion joints right behind the shoulders and vents on sleeves along with the back and front to cool you down.

On a cold day, you can use the insulation liner and close the vents. Apart from that, you can also use its four snap-down lapels for a full cover-up to your throat. And, of course, warm up your hands with the two exterior pockets.


Let us begin with our in-depth Women’s Fox Creek motorcycle jacket by talking about the materials. Fox Creek is popular for its quality leather products, and this jacket is no different.

It is made of 1.2mm to 1.4mm full-grain cowhide leather that is soft and buttery to touch. But make no mistake, this stuff is pretty durable and provides you with plenty of protection on the road.

This jacket also features antique brass-styled zippers that run up and down smoothly, and they will not catch on the fabric of the shirt you are wearing under your jacket.

The zippers on the packets, along with the snap closure, are easy to open and close, and they will not get stuck when you want to access your pockets in a hurry.

Closure system

Closure system of Fox Creek Classic Women's motorcycle jacket

This jacket has a pretty durable closure system in high-quality zippers. While you will not get the YKK hardware on this jacket, these zippers are still solid. They work smoothly, and you will not feel that they get stuck even if you are doing or undoing your zippers in a hurry.

They have a nice and smooth finish and will not stick on your sleeves on the fabric you are wearing inside your jacket. The jacket has a flap collar with four lapels, and you can close them up to your throat for complete protection against cold winds.


Next, we will talk about breathability in this detailed Women’s Fitted Classic motorcycle jacket review. Fox Creek is highly regarded for the breathability features in most of its jackets.

The Classic Fitted Women’s Jacket has expansion joints at the back of the shoulders. These joints allow you to move your arms with your jacket fully zipped comfortably. Moreover, vents on the sleeves in the front and back, along with the sleeves, allow proper airflow on a hot day.

This jacket features a removable inner liner. So, the jacket can provide you with the warmth you need in winters without compromising the overall breathability of your jacket. You will not feel congested with this jacket no matter what time you wear it.


How to adjust Fox Creek Classic Women's motorcycle jacket

Perhaps the best feature of this leather motorcycle jacket is adjustability. A fitted waistband has elastic, backed by zipper side expansion panels.

So, you can do the zippers when you are on the move for that perfect fit and undo the adjustment when you are sitting around. Besides that, the jacket comes with a tapered waist to enhance your body shape and curves even with the full jacket.

Sizing options

No matter if you are petite or bulky, the Fitted Classic leather jacket is available in a range of different sizes. You can choose between the regular or tall length, and you can pick the right size ranging from 32 inches to 50 inches based on your bust. No other leather motorcycle jacket comes with this many size options.

Women’s Classic Fitted Motorcycle Jacket – Technical Specifications

Size: 32-inch (bust) to 50-inch (bust)

Length: Regular and Tall

Material: Full-grain cowhide leather

Breathability: High (shoulder expansion joints with vents on sleeves, front, and back)

Pockets: 4 (two inside, two outside pockets)

Pocket closures: 2 zippers (outside) and one snap closure, and one zipper (inside)

Insulation: Removable inner liner

Seasonal: All-year, all-weather

Closure: Antique brass closure

Adjustability: Expandable side panels

Fox Creek Classic Fitted Women’s Motorcycle Jacket vs. Others

FeaturesFitted Women’s Classic Fox CreekWomen’s Classic II Fox CreekDistressed Braided Women’s Fox Creek
Best forCruiser bikes and sports bikesCruisers bikes, sports bikes, and touring bikes.Cruiser bikes and sports bikes
Collar styleFlap collar with four lapelsFlap collar with four lapelsBan collar
Fabric1.2mm to 1.4mm full-grain cowhide leather1.2mm to 1.4mm full-grain leather1.0mm to 1.1mm distressed cowhide and braided detail
Pockets4 (2 inside and 2 outside)2 inside and 2 outside4 (2 inside and 2 outside)
AdjustmentZippered side adjustment with a tapered waistLaced side adjustment with padded kidney panelsSnap and zipper side adjustment
All-season wearingYes (removable inner liner)Comes with a removable inner linerYes (removable quilted inner liner)
Armor pocketsNoneNoNone
ClosureAntique Brass zipperYKK Antique Brass zipperYKK Antique Brass zipper
BreathabilityHigh (shoulder expansion joints and vents on front, back, and sleeves)High (dual vents on front and back)No

Fox Creek Classic Fitted Jacket vs. Fox Creek Women’s Classic II

Fox Creek Classic Fitted Jacket vs. Fox Creek Women's Classic II vs other jackets

The Fox Creek Women’s Classic II Leather Jacket is another one of the options that match the style of the Classic Fitted Leather Jacket by Fox Creek. But the Classic II varies slightly from the Classic Fitted.

First of all, the Classic II doesn’t come with a tapered waist. So, the women who prefer comfort over style would love wearing this jacket. But that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on your style statement with this one.

It has the same flap collar style with lapels, and there is laced adjustment around the waist. Plus, this jacket offers more protection than the Classic Fitted jacket, as it comes with padded kidney panels. The Classic II also boasts YKK antique brass hardware that is not there on the Classic Fitted jacket.

However, both these jackets are excellent for all-year wearing as they both come with a removable inner liner. Besides that, both these jackets are made of quality full-grain leather, and they both have 2 packets on the inside and 2 pockets on the outside.

Fox Creek Classic Fitted Jacket vs. Fox Creek Distressed Braided

The Fox Creek Distressed Braided Jacket is all about setting your fashion trends even while riding. This ban collar jacket has braids going all the way down on the front and back to give it a unique look.

But this jacket is not everything about style. The Fox Creek Distressed Braided jacket is full-grain leather and has a removable quilted liner. Therefore, you can comfortably wear it in all seasons.

Besides that, it has two inside pockets and two outside pockets, and quality YKK antique brass zippers. Like the Classic Fitted jacket, this one also comes with side adjustment panels for a good fit. But you will not find the tapered waist on this one like the Fitted Classic jacket has.

Furthermore, this is not an all-season jacket like the Fitted Classic because you will not find any vents and are only suitable for winter wear. This jacket is all about creating your statement while riding. It looks pretty nice, and you can wear it casually if you want.

In comparison, The Fitted Classic Women’s Jacket is better in fitting features. Thanks to its tapered waist with elastic and removable inner liner, it comforts you with all-year wearing. Moreover, the Fitted Classic jacket is excellent for riding and daily use throughout the year.

Things We Like About the Women’s Fitted Classic Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  • Made of buttery soft full-grain leather.
  • A full-sleeve inner liner that is removable for all-season wearing.
  • High adjustability with side panels.
  • Fitted elastic waist for maximum wearing comfort.
  • Two inside pockets with ample storage space.
  • 2 outside hand-warming packers.
  • Maximum breathability with vents on back and front, along with sleeves.
  • Different size options are available.
  • Flap collar with four lapels.
  • Tapered waist to show off your curves.

Things We Don’t Like About the Women’s Fitted Classic Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  • No padded kidney panel.
  • No armor pockets.
  • It doesn’t come with YKK hardware.

Final Word

In conclusion to our Women’s Fitted Classic Fox Creek motorcycle jacket, we highly recommend it. This jacket is available in different sizes, and it has an excellent fitting that you usually will not find in most other motorcycle leather jackets for women.

If you want the perfect combination of comfort, style, protection, and adjustability, this jacket is a total package for you. And Fox Creek has made it available to you at a pretty affordable price too.