Yamaha Super Tenere Vs. Honda Africa Twin

Two of the best dual sports bikes on the market today are Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin. We will look at each of these bikes from various perspectives and see which one of them comes on top. Our comprehensive guide will sort things out for you.

Dual sports bikes are great for a variety of reasons. You can ride them on paved roads, in your streets, and you can use them off-road in the wilderness. In addition, they will continue to perform as they should, irrespective of the conditions.

Today, we will compare two of the best in this category: the Yamaha Super Tenere (top speed: 133 miles an hour) and the Honda Africa Twin (top speed: 140 miles an hour). We will list down their different features and answer some common buyer’s questions along the way. So, keep reading.

Industry History


Yamaha is one of the top brands in the motorcycle world. It has been around for only a few decades, but it has made its market by producing high-quality machines. Yamaha is best known for its modern designs and trims, and this is how they separate themselves from the competition.


Honda, on the other hand, is known for its reliable performance. With Honda motorcycle and automobile, engineering is at its best. This is precisely why Honda has been the largest producer of motorcycles in the world for more than half a century now. And things are not looking to slow down any time soon.

Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin – An Overview

The Super Tenere 2021

This dual-sport motorcycle by Yamaha is pretty slick looking, as expected from Yamaha. It has that mixed design of a roadster and an adventure bike, built for long-distance adventures you can go on from pavement and beyond. The bike is equipped with a powerful engine and unmatchable ride comfort.

The Africa Twin 2021

The Africa Twin mixes some traits of a naked bike with an adventure bike. It is available in two different but fabulous colors and trims. The bike performs equally well on paved roads and rough terrain. It is a good option for long-distance riding and features a powerful engine.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesYamaha Super TenereHonda Africa Twin
Fuel and vehicle typeGasoline dual-sport bikeGasoline dual-sport bike
Fuel tank capacity6.1 gallons6.0 gallons
Engine typeLiquid-cooled, inline DOHC, four-stroke engineLiquid-cooled, parallel-twin, four-stroke engine
Maximum power112 HP @ 7500 RPM97.89 HP @ 7500 RPM
Maximum torque114 Nm @ 6000 RPM103 Nm @ 6000 RPM
Seat capacity and type2, dual stepped2, dual stepped
Seat height33.3 or 34.3 inches33.5 or 34.3 inches
Gear transmissionMulti-plate 6-speed w/ wet clutch.Multi-plate 6-speed w/ wet clutch
Front and rear suspension7.5-inch wheel travel w/ inverted fork and 7.5-inch wheel travel w/ monoshock.9.1-inch wheel travel w/ inverted telescopic fork and 8.7-inch wheel travel w/ single shockFront and rear brakesDual hydraulic disk brake and single disc brake (both with ABS and unified brake system)4-piston dual hydraulic disc and 1-piston single hydraulic disc brake (both w/ ABS)Front and rear tires110/80R19 and 150/70R1790/90-21 and 150/70R-18Wheelbase60.6 inches62 inchesWeight584 lbs501 lbsGround clearance7.5 inches9.8 inches


Yamaha Super Tenere Engine

So, which of these bikes have a better engine: the Super Tenere or the Africa Twin? The engine will be a significant factor in Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin.

Both these bikes come with a powerful engine. The Super Tenere comes with a liquid-cooled inline engine with a displacement of 1199cc. This machine is for speed; therefore, it can accelerate fast on all terrains.

On the other hand, the Africa Twin features a parallel-twin engine which is also liquid-cooled and comes with a low displacement of 1084cc as compared to the Yamaha Super Tenere. Thus, this machine is for better performance on unpaved roads. In addition, the Africa Twin is lighter than the Super Tenere, so you’re going to be in much more control of your ride. 

When addressing which of these bikes have a better sound, Honda’s parallel-twin engines sound much better, either at speed or standing.

However, if you ask which throttle twist brings a smile on your face, it’s Yamaha’s. There will be an instant burst of speed as soon as you twist it. Honda, on the other hand, is more steady as it goes. So, overall when it comes to off-road performance, the Africa Twin will take this round, but the Super Tenere is a better ride on the road.


So, which of these two bikes is lighter than the other? The Africa Twin is more than 80 pounds lighter than the Super Tenere, and there is not much difference in the fuel tank capacity.

But due to its lightweight design and larger fuel tank, the Africa Twin is a better ride that gives you the much-needed control. So, when you are riding the off-road conditions. This bike is more forgiving than the Super Tenere.

Another question to address here is which of these bikes have a heavier clutch? As the Africa Twin is better suited for off-road conditions, it will have a lighter clutch. As a result, you can quickly change the gears through rugged terrains.

On the other hand, the Super Tenere is a great choice for paved road riding. For this reason, it has a heavier clutch. It allows you to ride in cruise control more than anything else.

Suspension and brakes

Yamaha Super Tenere suspension and brakes

Now, which of these bikes have better stopping power and better in terms of ride comfort? The Super Tenere comes with an inverted fork suspension on the front end. As a result, it can handle wheel travel of up to 7.5 inches. A similar amount of wheel travel is dealt with by the mono-shock on the rear end.

But this is where Africa Twin gets ahead of the Super Tenere, which is exactly why it is meant for off-road conditions. The Africa Twin comes with a wheel travel of 9.1 inches on the front end, thanks to its telescopic inverted fork and a single shock on the rear end with 8.7-inch wheel travel.

Therefore, the Africa Twin will be extraordinary when it comes to riding comfort. The Super Tenere is not less by any stretch of the imagination. But the Africa Twin is exceptional.

As far as the stopping power is concerned, the Super Tenere features dual hydraulic disc brakes on the front end and a single disc brake on the rear end.

While the Africa Twin has a dual hydraulic disc brake on the front and a single hydraulic disc brake on the back end. Therefore, the Africa Twin is slightly ahead with a hydraulic disc braking system on both ends. And this is the reason why this round goes to the Honda Africa Twin because of its better suspension and overall braking system.


Honda Africa Twin ergonomics

Now, where do your feet and arms rest while riding these dual sports bikes? We will find out in this comparison of Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin by discussing the ergonomics of both these bikes.

Both Super Tenere and Africa Twins have similar economics in terms of the sitting position of riders. Both of them allow you to ride with an upright straight back and your feet under your body. This sitting position is very much similar to the traditional position.

Your hands and arms will be relaxed and extended forward, while your legs will be under your body on both these bikes. There is a tiny windshield on both these bikes. But if you are going to ride more on the road at faster speeds, you need to upgrade your windshield.

In most cases, you’re going to be there during the daytime, so which of these bikes have a dash that reads better in the sunlight? Both these bikes come with a very much readable dash, and you won’t have any troubles there.

Now, which of these bikes gives you more confidence when parking or going on close u-turns? Well, the Africa Twin is much better in control because it has a lightweight design.

It is a top choice for long-distance rides, and similar is the case with the Super Tenere, but you have better ride control when you are riding the Honda. So, in terms of ergonomics, the Africa Twin is a much better option.

Yamaha Super Tenere looks

Look and aesthetics

Between Yamaha Super Tenere and Honda Africa Twin, which bike do you look back at after walking away? Both these bikes look pretty impressive, and they are pretty extraordinary in terms of their overall shape and design.

But the Africa Twin has a much funkier appearance giving it a sportier look. On the other hand, the Super Tenere comes in black color that looks pretty slick and has a more stylish look.

However, if you are a sporty type, the colored appearance of the Africa Twin is going to be much appealing for you. Therefore, we will leave you here to decide on your own and choose the right ride and colors based on your preferences.


So, how do they compare with one another when it comes to price? This is perhaps the most critical question of this comparison of Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin.

The Super Tenere comes with a slightly bigger price tag, and this is primarily because it has a bigger engine in it. However, apart from that, most of the bikes’ features fall in the same category.

If you are looking for more speed on flatter surfaces or paved roads, go for the Super Tenere. You will get the much-needed horsepower.

But if you think that off-road will be your path, you should go for the Africa Twin, and for that, you need better suspensions and stopping power.

Though, it comes with a pretty good parallel unit. And considering that it’s more of an adventure bike, you are getting more bang for your buck if you are going for the Africa Twin.

Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin – The Similarities

You might think that these bikes are different from one another. But upon a closer look, you will notice they have some similarities as well.

Fuel and vehicle type

Both these bikes run on gasoline, and both are dual-sports bikes. It means you can use them on concrete and unpaved surfaces. Though the Super Tenere is more geared towards the paved condition and the Africa Twin is more included towards off-road conditions.

Gear transmission

Both these machines come with a multi-plate wet clutch, and they both come with wet 6-speed manual transmission. But the Super Tenere has a slightly heavier clutch because it is designed for more cursing, while the Africa Twin is better on rough surfaces.

Seating capacity and type

Both these machines come with dual stepped seats, and there is a capacity of one passenger on both. But you might not notice that the Super Tenere seat height can be lowered just a tiny bit more than the Africa Twin. The difference is almost negligible. But both bikes do come with adjustable seat heights.

Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin – Pros & Cons

Yamaha Super Tenere 2021


  • Built for paved roads.
  • Features a bigger engine.
  • Looks pretty slick in black.


  • Relatively weaker suspension.

Honda Africa Twin 2021


  • Suitable for off-road conditions.
  • Comes with better suspension and brakes.
  • Better ground clearance and lighter weight.


  • Weaker acceleration.


The winner of this comparison of Yamaha Super Tenere vs. Honda Africa Twin is the Africa Twin if we are talking about riding more on off-road conditions. However, for more paved road trips, the Super Tenere is a better choice.

But overall, the Africa Twin is a much better bike because you buy a dual-sport to ride different terrains. If you want to go for roads, there are other bike types as well.

You don’t need to go for the Super Tenere specifically. So, the Africa Twin fulfills the purpose of a true dual-sport, but in a much better way, and hence it is the winner.

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