Why Do Women Prefer Scooters Over Motorcycles?

Why do women prefer scooters over motorcycles? They are fond of scooters, and this preference has nothing to do with any latest trends. Scooters have always been a preferred choice for lady riders.

Breaking away from stereotypes, women can ride anything they want, but why has scooter been their trusty pal? If you ask around, you will hear them saying these scooters are comfortable and handy than motorbikes.

Most women also think these scooters are very versatile and match their personalities. But here’s a thing: scooters have been struggling in sales for a long time against motorcycles, and now they have surpassed their long-time rivals.

Not only females but also males are looking to go for these scooters. But why do women prefer scooters over motorcycles, and why are they gaining momentum over motorcycles in the overall market? We will find out all about it, so keep reading.

Why Do Women Prefer Scooters Over Motorcycles?

So, what’s all the hype, and why are scooters more in demand than motorcycles? Overall, these scooters keep the rider more active during a ride. You can easily jump on and off a scooter, and the best part is, these scooters have a smaller price tag than motorcycles.

They are also lighter in weight and available in more vibrant colors and designs. In addition, some of the latest options come with electric motors that don’t require much maintenance. These are the features that women love, and men are not different either.

Here are some of the reasons why do women prefer scooters over motorcycles.

Improved design and power

Improved design and power

Scooter manufacturers have Generation X in their minds when they design and develop these scooters. As a result, manufacturers like Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Piaggio, and others have been trying hard to leave the basic design and structuring out.

They are trying hard to introduce new trends and make these scooters more attractive and aerodynamic both for women and men. The intention here is to make the scooter a lot more mobile to handle and maneuver in a better way.

Attractive looks and safety features

Attractive looks and safety features

Traditionally, women always love to keep up with the latest trends, and scooters are trendy these days. The latest models are great in terms of their design and colors. These features make them a must-have option not only for women but for men as well.

The color options available in these scooters are limitless, and you won’t find this much variety in motorcycles. And that’s not all. These scooters also come with safety features.

Some of the models come with face and fingerprint recognition through mobile applications. This is the reason why these scooters are becoming more popular among women.

Extremely lightweight

One of the primary reasons women love using these scooters is they are much lighter than motorcycles. This makes them easier to handle and maneuver. As a result, manufacturers now focus more on other ways than kickstart and heavyweight design concepts.

This is exactly why you see that manufacturers are going for more autostart options. Kickstart options are reducing in number, slowly but surely.

Apart from that, the industry is also going through the trend of making lightweight models. This makes them accessible for women. Also, riding and parking the scooters is much easier than motorcycles.

Improved technicalities

These scooters are now coming with air-cooled engines instead of 2-stroke engines. In addition, some of the models have 4-stroke engines in them. Therefore, the latest models pack more power.

While these features were nothing for a woman to get impressed with, women have also started to be interested in these days’ technical specs. Besides, the suspension has significantly improved on these scooters to guarantee a much smoother trip.

Why Are Scooters Better Than Motorcycles?

Women prefer riding scooters over motorcycles, but why is that? Why have these scooters surpassed the sales of motorcycles? Do these scooters have any advantages over motorcycles? Let’s find out how these scooters are a better choice over motorcycles for male and female riders.

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

The most beneficial aspect of these scooters is that they are pretty easy to learn. There are no complicated controls to deal with when riding a scooter. And most of them even come with an electric start these days, so kickstart options are fading away quickly.

Versatile engine size

As we have mentioned above, scooters have always been lighter than motorcycles. However, they are becoming much easier to handle and maneuver, and women find them very convenient to ride.

This has always been an advantage that these scooters have over bikes, but manufacturers are now equipping these scooters with bigger engines. And bigger engines mean more power. In most cases, you can find scooters ranging in size from 50cc to 250cc.

Better speeds

With more versatility in engines, scooters are getting much-needed power upgrades. Modern scooters can conveniently run at around 75 miles and hours. This speed makes them a better option for commuting and running errands. Such speeds are incredible for recreational purposes as well.

Fuel efficiency

These scooters being lighter weight, are much better when it comes to fuel efficiency. So you can do daily commuting on them pretty easily. Some of the models can easily do an average of 132 miles per gallon, which is pretty good. 


Commute friendly

For city commuting, these scooters are pretty great and work very well for rural regions. However, when it comes to maneuverability, they are much better than bikes because these scooters are pretty lightweight and smaller in size as well.

Storage capacity

These scooters also come with different storage compartments. These compartments allow you to store your electronic devices and your gear. This is exactly why you will love using these scooters for commuting as well as running errands. They can come with a storage space of up to 21 liters.

Better design features

These scooters are light, so their wheels are less prone to wear and tear. Apart from that, these scooters come with a smaller wheelbase. They offer better handling and maneuverability, so riding a scooter is always a better option than riding a bike. 


One of the significant advantages these scooters come with is that their price tag has declined. The modern scooters are less than half the price of motorbikes, and that is why these scooters are selling like hotcakes.


How is a scooter easier to ride than a motorcycle?

A scooter is much easier to ride than a motorcycle because it is lighter in weight. Apart from that, these scooters come with a smaller wheelbase. Therefore, handling and maneuverability will be much easier on scooters.

These scooters are also much easier to handle because they are extremely lightweight, and the latest models don’t even feature kickstart options. Hence, these scooters are much easier to ride for women than motorbikes.

Why do women prefer scooters over bikes?

One of the primary reasons women prefer riding scooters over motorcycles is that these scooters come in various colors and designs. In addition, they are lighter to maneuver and come with different storage compartments.

You can use it for running errands as well as commuting. And the modern-day scooters come equipped with slightly bigger engines as well that are up to 250cc. So, these scooters can zip along as well.

Are these scooters more fuel-efficient than bikes?

These scooters are more fuel-efficient than cars because they are lighter than bikes. Most of the bikes come with a mileage that ranges around 44 miles per gallon. Whereas newer models can offer better fuel efficiency and increase the mileage up to 85 miles per gallon.

But scooters being lightweight, are far more efficient and can come with mileage averaging around 132 miles per gallon. 

Are scooters becoming more popular than bikes?

Scooters are gaining popularity over bikes. They have crossed the bikes in overall sales. More people, including both men and women, are preferring scooters over bikes.

These scooters come with a smaller price tag, and they are also much lighter to handle and maneuver. Plus, there is plenty of storage space with better color options available.


It’s not very hard to understand why do women prefer scooters over motorcycles. First of all, these scooters are available in different colors and styles. Apart from that, they are pretty lightweight, so women find them much easier to handle and maneuver.

Most of these scooters come with an auto start button and don’t have a kick start option. And there are storage compartments available on them so you not only can use them for commuting and recreational activities but for running errands as well.

These scooters are light and don’t make a huge dent in your pocket. Plus, they are pretty versatile, so now you can understand why women prefer scooters over motorcycles.