Energica Eva Ribelle Vs. Arc Vector

If you’re looking for electric bikes with futuristic design, Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector, competes for the top spot. Both of them come with a top speed of 125 miles an hour. These bikes are the pinnacle of the electric motorbike industry today, and they both are equipped with all the features that make them the king of the road in the modern era.

Electric roadsters have come a long way since their inception not very long ago. These bikes might come at a hefty price tag, but they also are extremely powerful. Manufacturers these days are introducing more and more features and making their bikes even more sophisticated than their predecessors.

Industry History


Energica is an electric motorcycle manufacturer that hails from Modena, Italy, and it started its operations in 2010. Some of the first designs in the motorcycles by this company were developed using 3D printing. So, the company is going for a giant leap into the future introducing new techniques in designing, modeling, and manufacturing high-performance motorcycles.


Arc is an electric motorcycle manufacturer that began its operations in Coventry, England, while the idea of this motorcycle was developed under the White Space of Jaguar Land Rover. So, the company does have a pretty worthy background, and you can expect a lot from the product that comes out from their production line.

Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector – An Overview

The Ribelle 2021

The Ribelle 2021 is a top-performing roadster that is known for its high-quality design and speeding characteristics. If you are looking for a more traditional look and hints in your electric roadster, this is the bike that you need to consider for sure. The Ribelle is for speed and performance, and its handling is much better than many other bikes on the market.

The Vector 2021

The Vector 2021 is one of the more innovative electric motorcycles that you will find out the market today. It has a unique look that is very different from traditional roadsters. It looks like something out of the sci-fi movie. Arc has used a variety of new and innovative technologies in the design development of these motorcycles. That is precisely why it comes with a hefty price tag on it.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesEnergica Eva Ribelle 2021Arc Vector 2021
Fuel and vehicle typeElectric roadsterElectric roadster
Engine typeOil-cooled, permanent magnetAir-cooled permanent magnet
Battery and charger type21.5 kWh lithium-polymer and onboard 110V-220V 3 kW16.8 kWh lithium-polymer and onboard 110-220V 4 kW
Max speed125 miles an hour125 miles an hour
Maximum power143.5 HP143.5 HP
Maximum torque215 Nm @ 8200 RPM215 Nm @ 8200 RPM
Seating capacity and type2, dual stepped1, standard seating
RangeUrban = 180 km City = 400 km Combined = 230 kmUrban = 200 km City = 430 km Combined = 270 km
Weight600 pounds485 pounds
Gear transmissionFully automaticFully automatic
Front and rear suspensionSpring preloaded w/ compression damping and adjustable rebound and mono-shock w/ adjustable reboundTTX suspension front and rear
Front and rear brakesDouble floating discs with w/ 4-piston radial caliper and single disc 2-piston caliperDisc brakes with ABS on both ends
Front and rear tire size120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17
Wheelbase57.7 inches57 inches


Engine of ARc Vector and Energice EVA Ribelle

First, let’s discuss the engines of both these bikes in this comparison of Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector. The main point is the Ribelle is focused more on being a powerful machine. At the same time, the Elevator is geared towards being a lightweight and aerodynamic high speeding bike.

Both these machines come with a permanent magnet AC engine that works like a charm. But the Ribelle is focusing more on torque, so you will notice an excellent speed burst as soon as you twist the throttle.

The same thing is there in the Vector, too, but you will feel that it’s a lightweight design and nothing else. We will highlight more about this feature in the following section. But one thing that differentiates the engines of both these bikes is that the Ribelle comes with an oil-cooled engine while the Vector comes with an air-cooled engine.

That is precisely why the Ribelle is designed much more like a traditional roadster with electric features. The Vector is an entirely different kind of bike that is a true innovator. So, we will give this round to the Vector for its much more innovative engine design made for high speed and performance.


Now let’s talk about the weight of both these motorbikes in this comparison of Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector. And the winner of this round is going to be the Vector, hands down. The reason behind that is it is more than 100 pounds lighter than the Ribelle.

This is a huge advantage that will allow you to gain rapid speeds as soon as you twist the throttle. The lightweight design of the Vector also makes it a lot easier for you when it comes to maneuvering and handling your bike at high speeds. You will find it a bit difficult when it comes to the Ribelle that weighs around 600 pounds.

If you are a skinny rider, handling a heavy motorcycle will trouble you a lot, especially when it comes to cornering. Though the 485-pound Vector is also not a feather on the road, it still weighs a lot lighter than most of the electric bikes on the market. So, this is where the Vector is at a considerable advantage over the Ribelle, and we are going to give this round to the Vector for the same reason.

Suspension and brakes

Suspension of Energica EVA Ribelle and ARc Vector

Now let’s discuss suspension and brakes in this comparison of Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector. The Ribelle comes with the Spring preloaded w/ compression damping on the front end and adjustable rebound and monoshock w/ adjustable rebound on the rear end.

This bike can handle a few bumps on the road pretty well, and it can also hold heavier riders on it pretty comfortably. The suspension system of this bike will continue to perform very well, primarily on paved roads but on unpaved paths.

This cannot be said for the Vector as it is equipped with the TTX suspension on both front and rear ends. This suspension system is geared more towards paved paths as compared to the unpaved terrain. So, you can only ride your Vector on roads as it will face a few problems and lose its charge pretty quickly if you ride it on unpaved terrains.

This might be a slight disadvantage if you compare both bikes. But you should not consider it a significant setback because more of these bikes are roadsters, and the Ribelle is giving you a bit more than what a regular roadster can help you achieve.

The Ribelle also features double floating disc brakes with a 4-piston radial caliper and a single disc brake with a 2-piston caliper. Both these brakes will allow you to stop instantly as soon as you pull the brake lever. It will be a beneficial feature that you will notice when you are going at high speed.

The Vector, on the other hand, has disc brakes with ABS on both ends. And we all know that disc brakes are powerful, and they equip a vehicle with plenty of stopping power.


Ergonomics of ARc Vector and Energice EVA Ribelle

In this comparison of Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector, both these bikes are very ergonomic in handling and maneuvering. The Ribelle has a much more traditional design, and its footpegs and handlebar are placed traditionally like any other roadster. So, if you have experienced roadsters before, you will feel right at home when you sit on this speed demon by Energica.

Another thing that you will instantly notice is that this powerhouse is pretty heavy as well. As we have mentioned above, the Ribelle weighs around 600 pounds to have a bit of a tough time if you are a skinny rider. The seating is comfortable and accommodates a passenger as well, thanks to its dual-stepped design.

But this feature is not there when we talk about the Vector. It’s a lightweight electric motorcycle that is pretty comfortable to handle and maneuver. The footpegs, along with the handlebar, are all nicely placed. And even with a unique design, you won’t have to worry about much here.

But the seat is not designed to accommodate a passenger as it is a single-seat designed for the rider only. So, when you are speeding, this is another advantage that you will have but not much if you have a company with you as well.


This is one of the primary reasons why not these motorcycles are among the best in the industry. First, let’s talk about some of the features that the Ribelle comes with. It is equipped with a powerful dashboard with all the information you need right in front of you.

There are different ambient light sensors; the bike also has Bluetooth communication and a GPS receiver. You can connect your bike with the My Energica App and comfortably have a view of all these details and information about your bike right on your mobile phone. There is a vehicle control unit as well, along with traction control and cruise control.

All these features are there on the Vector as well, but they are doing things differently. They are also providing you with Arc Helmet and Jacket. Both of them come with Arc and Knox technology to take the immersive sensory system to a whole new level.

With this technology, you can communicate with your machine directly, and you don’t even need a display screen on your bike for that. Your bike will connect with your jacket and helmet and display you with all the information you need on your head-up display. You will feel like you are in your Iron-Man suit and interacting with your machine.

There is not much difference between the display, but if you are looking for some innovative features that allow you to interact with your bike, then the Vector is the right choice for you.

Aesthetics and looks

In terms of looks and aesthetics, the Vector is way better for the ones who like a unique look that gives you a feel of a machine that is right for a sci-fi movie. If you are looking for an innovative design, you should go for the Vector because it looks splendid.

There is no display on the bike, and everything will be present on your helmet that will be connected with your bike. This is something very out-of-box, and if you are looking for something similar, this is the right option for you.

On the other hand, the Ribelle looks very much similar to a traditional electric roadster. It also has a pretty modern look with fresh trims and a facelift from the previous model. If you are looking for a much more familiar design, then the Ribelle is the right option for you to consider.


The Vector comes with a price tag that might be jaw-dropping for most of the buyers out there. It is way higher than any other bike that you are going to consider on the market. The Ribelle, on the other hand, is also pricey, but it has a powerful engine and is very reliable in terms of performance.

But this price is much more realistic, the connectivity option and the way the Vector displays the information to the rider. The way it interacts is something that makes it different and unique, and that’s why you will have to pay a lot more to acquire the Vector.

Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector – The Similarities

Battery and Range

Battery and Range of Energic EVA Ribelle and ARc Vector

Both these machines are electric motorcycles, and they both are roadsters with a top speed of 125mph. Both these electric bikes come with lithium polymer batteries and onboard 110V-220V. The Energica EVA has used a slightly bigger battery of 21.5kWh as compared to the Arc Vector, which is 16.8kWh.

You can commute on both these bikes for about 180-230Km in urban areas and 400-430Km in the city on a single charge.

Engine and performance

Both these machines come with permanent magnet AC engines. And they both are highly reliable in terms of performance and speed. These engines don’t need much maintenance, but there is a slight difference as well. The Ribelle has an oil-cooled engine, while the Vector comes with an air-cooled engine.

Gearing system

These machines are equipped with fully automatic clutch systems that won’t need any gearing assurance from the rider. So, speeding on both these bikes is easy and simple.

Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector – Pros & Cons

Energica Eva Ribelle


  • Quick speeding.
  • Dual seating.
  • Durable construction.


  • Pretty heavy.

Arc Vector


  • Superior connectivity.
  • Modern and unique design.
  • Very powerful.


  • Very expensive.


The winner of this comparison of Energica Eva Ribelle vs. Arc Vector is the Energica Eva Ribelle, and you might think it came out of nowhere. But judging by the Vector’s price, if you are looking for a ride to enjoy the ride itself, you need to go for the Ribelle.

If you are more tech-savvy about your ride, the Vector would be a better option for you. There is not much difference between the two in terms of features, but you need to ride the Vector if you are looking for a more futuristic bike. However, it may cost you a fortune.

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