How To Maintain An Electric Motorcycle

Electric motorcycles have many benefits over traditional two-wheelers. One advantage of having an Electric motorcycle is that it needs negligible maintenance. There is no battery maintenance, no oil change, no valve adjustment, no need to sync throttle bodies, and no air filter. You will only have to change those old tires over time or your brake pads. But if it does not need anything, how can you maintain an electric motorcycle?

In this guide, we are going to list down some tips.

Tips on How to Maintain an Electric Motorcycle

Your Electric motorcycle might not need much care and maintenance. But you still need to show it some love to keep it going for a long time. So, here are some tips that you need to follow to take care of your EV two-wheeler.

Regular cleaning

how to regularly clean your electric motorcycle

Make sure you keep any dirt, dust, or debris off your Electric motorcycle engine. You can do this by regularly cleaning it. Do not let any waste get into that engine, or it will start creating problems during your rides. It is the most important aspect of how to maintain an electric motorcycle.

You can use a low-pressure stream of water or even a damp rag to clean your bike. Ensure that you prevent those electrical systems from getting wet. Otherwise, it may cause malfunction. You can do this regularly or after every ride to keep your engine in top-notch condition.

It is essential to pay special attention to your drivetrain. Keep it clean at all times, and it will continue to operate optimally.

You can use a wet piece of cloth or hot water steam to clean this area, and for deep cleaning, you can use a quality detergent on your hub motor, tires, and drivetrain and let it dry. In the end, lubricate immediately afterward.

Make sure not to use jet ash, or it will force into those sealed parts of your E-motorcycle, such as motors and batteries. Instead, you can use a low-pressure hose or bucket, a soft brush, and a clean piece of cloth to remove grime and dirt.

Before you begin with the cleaning process, ensure that all the electrical connections are adequately sealed. Moreover, you must turn off all the systems before you start washing your engine. Finally, keep in mind not to charge your motorcycle while you are cleaning it.

It will cause the charging ports to catch dust and grime, and there is a risk of electrocution too. So, before you start washing your motorcycles, make sure to seal the ports.


Add lubrication to avoid rust

Lubrication is the second most critical part of how to maintain an electric motorcycle. You can apply some lubrication to those significant moving parts of your bike. It will make sure that they continue to work correctly. However, when this lubrication dries, it can cause several severe issues in your bike and prevent it from working properly.

Make it a habit to lubricate your Electric motorcycle after every clean-up. It will prevent any of those parts from rusting and avoid friction from occurring while they are moving. Whether you take your bike out for a ride or not, keep it lubricating to make sure all the parts remain in working condition.

You also have to consider that your E-motorcycles come with various components. These include that drivetrain. It tends to wear out over time with friction. Therefore, you will have to wash your motorcycle even more regularly and keep it lubricated to prevent rusting and corrosion.

If the gears or bearings are causing a lot of friction, you will end up reducing your motorcycle’s battery life and its power output. So, lubricate them after washing. Be careful with the disc brakes on your bike, and do not lubricate them, or you will end up contaminating them with fluid. They will lose their stopping power, and it can cause a severe accident.

Check the bolts

You can also check any loose bolts on your bike and tighten them up. If you take out your RV motorcycles a lot, you can check those loose bolts more frequently. Check for those loose bolts, screws, nuts, or any other components on your motorcycle.

Ensure to tighten them up as soon as you can. You do not want to ride your bike with loose bolts or nuts, or you will end up in an accident. And nobody wants that to happen. So pay attention to checking those nuts and bolts.

Tire pressure

Checking the tires of Electric motorcycle frequently

Checking the tires on your Electric motorcycle is a critical aspect of maintaining an electric motorcycle. You need to frequently check your tire pressure and replace an old wheel if it has worn out.

To check the tire pressure, you have to watch the sidewalls of your tire pressure and understand whether your tire pressure is correct or not. Your motorcycle’s owner’s manual will tell you how much pressure needs to be in each of your tires.

You can use the pressure gauge to assess the current tire pressure. You should not ride a tire with inappropriate tire pressure, or your motorcycle will skid and will make you go off-balance.

Brake pads

Another perilous aspect of maintaining an Electric motorcycle is to check those brake pads. Check your brake pads and see how they tend to hold up.

You must have a practical pair of brakes on your E-motorcycle, or you might end up in a severe accident. Therefore, keep an eye on your brake pads and replace them whenever you see it necessary.

Repair and waterproofing

Your Electric motorcycle comes with different factory-sealed units for your motor and battery. Do not try to open them or maintain them all by yourself if you want to fix a problem.

If you have been experiencing troubles with your EV motor or battery, it is better to contact the manufacturer or any other professional service. Tampering with the parts on your own might also void the warranty, so better not to do any repairs.

Updating software and apps

update the software

Your Electric motorcycle manufacturer will release various app and software updates over time. Aside from giving you any accurate information about your ride statistics and the overall conditions of your E-motorcycle, update your software and apps to adjust your power settings.

With these updates, you can reduce your service intervals and extend the battery life of your E-motorcycle.

Battery Care and Maintenance

Battery care

A critical electrical piece in your Electric motorcycle is your battery. First, you need to go through the manufacturer’s instructions on properly charging your battery. If you do not charge your battery properly, you will damage it and start wearing out much faster.

Replacing a battery might break your wallet. Therefore, you have to take care of your E-motorcycle’s battery and make it last longer to keep your bike in good working condition and prevent incurring any expenses. Therefore, battery maintenance is critical even when you are using it.

So here are some important factors that you should keep in mind while riding.


Riding your bike with smooth acceleration will be better. You need to observe 400 RPM to provide your battery with efficient travel.


You have to be aware of the weight capacity of your Electric motorcycle each time you use it. If you increase the weight, you force your EV to work harder, creating more strain on your battery.

Efficient riding

You need to practice your braking and prevent those sudden brakes as much as possible. Also, make sure to stop utilizing Regen brakes as much as possible.

Tire pressure

Check your tire pressure frequently. You can check it before you start riding. It will allow you to get a good grip and less rolling resistance.


These E-motorcycles have computers in them, and they indicate your battery’s life. They provide you with information on how much power you are consuming. These computers will allow you to make adjustments accordingly to consume power efficiently. They can tell you the right temperature or weather conditions for you to ride your electric motorcycle.


Do electric motorcycles need maintenance?

E-motorcycles do need maintenance, but it will not be that much compared to traditional gasoline 2-wheelers. Still, you will have to regularly clean and lubricate its motor hub, drivetrain, and tires.

Also, take care of its battery and check for any loose bolts or nuts before you go out on your ride. Also, make sure that you have the correct tire pressure before you get on your E-motorcycle.

How long can these electric motorcycles last?

Even though they do not need as much maintenance as their conventional gasoline counterparts, E-motorcycles can last as long as normal motorcycles would stay. So, if you are taking care of your motorcycle as you should, it will last up to 10 years and even more.

Do these Electric motorcycles need engine oil?

These E-motorcycles do not feature fuel combustion engines. Therefore, they do not need any engine oils or spark plugs. You will not have to adjust valve clearance, and you will not have to lubricate the choke cable. Apart from that, you will also not have to check the clutch fluid. These bikes run on a storage battery, and you only have to take care of this unit.

How can I wash an Electric motorcycle without damaging anything?

You have to make sure that you do not submerge anything in the water. Just use a damp piece of cloth to wipe down the frame in gentle motions.

For any stubborn dirt, or to clean the chain, you can use a gentle degreaser or dilute dish soap and apply it using a soft brush. Rinse it afterward and lubricate your motorcycle once it is dry.

How often should I wash my electric motorcycle?

It is recommended to clean your bike after each ride, or you can wash it as often as possible when you have time. It is much easier to clean your Electric motorcycle right after a ride as you will prevent any dirt from baking on.

However, if you use your electric motorcycle regularly, it is better to wash it three or four times a week or even more if you go through dirt, dust, or mud.

Can I hose down my electric motorcycle?

Yes, you can use your garden hose to rinse your electric motorcycle. But keep in mind not to use a pressure hose or a power washer for this purpose.

Otherwise, it will cause any dirt or debris to go into the sensitive areas. Using a powered hose can wash away grease, too, and it is there to prevent dirt and water from entering into the bearings.

How often should I lubricate my Electric motorcycle drivetrain?

If you ride your electric motorcycle frequently and use it several times throughout the week, you will have to lubricate its drivetrains pretty regularly. You can do it fortnightly or even weekly to ensure optimal protection and performance.

Do I need to ride my Electric motorcycle in adequate weather conditions?

For the best performance, you must not ride your Electric motorcycle in extreme weather conditions. Your battery will take plenty of toll if you hang it in extremely hot or cold conditions. Rain can also damage your Electric motorcycle if you ride it too often and too long.

Therefore, it is better to ride your Electric motorcycle on a day when it is not too cold or hot and especially when the sun is out. This way, you will keep the battery in optimal condition.


You will have to give most of your attention to how to maintain an electric motorcycle to regularly clean and lubricate your ride and check any loose bolts. Apart from that, you will have to replace your old tires and brake pads. And that is just about it.

You should also consider insuring your Electric motorcycle with comprehensive 2-wheeler insurance. 2-wheeler insurance can cover your Electric motorcycle against any threats of fire, flood, accidents, or other untoward situations.