Alpinestars Women Motorcycle Denim Pant Review


This is an in-depth Alpinestars Stella Angeles Women Denim Motorcycle Pant review.

The Stella Angeles is a classic 5-pocket denim-style pants for women to use for urban riding. These jeans blend in top-notch productions with a comfortable stretch. In addition, it has that straight-fit denim style to fit you very nicely.

The pants have an amazing feel. It is made using stretchable desi Cordura that comes with integrated moisturizing wicking properties.

It has an integrated knee armor to ensure a high level of impact protection. Moreover, there is a curved waistband for better fitting and triple-stitched seams for more strength and durability.

  • Stretchy Cordura denim fabric.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • More durable triple seam stitching.
  • Knee pads for enhanced protection.


Riders’ safety is a must, and for that, one should never underestimate the importance of wearing good-quality pants while riding.

The most recommended is the leather pants or any other stuff, excluding the faux leather. But wearing leather on a bike can be a new experience for a few women; therefore, the next best option for you is denim pants.

Most women are well accustomed to wearing these jeans right at home. Therefore, you can wear them while riding if they are made of thick fabric.

But is it a perfect option? Are they good enough for the rider’s safety? Are they even comfortable to wear on long rides as well? In this in-depth guide, we will find the answers to all such questions, so keep reading.

Alpinestars Stella Angeles – An Overview

These Stella Angeles jeans by Alpinestars are made of high-quality denim Cordura fabric. So, you can conveniently wear them and sit in the saddle very conveniently.

These pants are incredibly comfortable to wear all day long or for long riding sessions. In addition, these pants are highly breathable, and you won’t have to deal with any discomfort at all.

These are available in two different colors, and you can pick one according to your preferences. Just make sure you wear full shoes with these pants to ensure better ankle protection.


  • Made of sturdy denim Cordura fabric.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Fit extremely well.
  • Long day comfort.
  • Different colors and sizes are available.
  • Knee protection available as well.


  • Not suitable for bigger statures.

Alpinestars Stella Angeles – Technical Specifications

FeaturesProduct Details
MaterialsDenim Cordura
Different sizes availableIndeed
Colors available3
SilhouetteStraight fit
Safety featuresKnee and hip pad pockets.
ReflectivityTurn up on the hem
Stitching styleTriple stitched

This is a nice-looking pair of jeans made of high-quality materials. Denim jeans are all about style and class, and when there is Cordura integrated, it means the jeans have a slight stretch in their fabric. Therefore, it is going to fit pretty nicely.

This pair of jeans is an excellent choice because it comes with specially integrated pockets that can use to palace your knee pads and hip pads. Therefore, these jeans have been made to keep your knees safe from any impact and your hips under a lot of stress due to prolonged sitting sessions.

The pair is not about class and looks; it also has embedded safety features. For example, the turn is reflective upon them to make sure you stay visible to others on the road.

The Stella Angeles jeans have a triple stitching style that will ensure that the plant remains durable and stays strong after robust use in different conditions. It is still pretty comfortable as it comes with a straight fit, and there are three different colors for you to choose from. One of the best features of this pant is that it is available in various sizes too.

The strong denim Cordura fabric used in the construction of this pant makes sure that the pant is safe to wear and it can handle the regular wear and tear pretty well. The materials have to be thick because they will make sure your legs remain safe from engine heat as well as sunburn or road conditions.

Quality fabric materials

One of the best features of these pants is that Alpinestars has used high-quality denim Cordura in its construction. And with a straight fit, these pants will come up very nice, and you can comfortably wear them throughout the day.

The Cordura inside the fabric makes the pants stretch, and it will look even better. There are five pockets on it, and the pants have been stitched with high-quality seams to make sure they can take a toll.

Triple seam stitching

One of the best features of these pants is that Alpinestars has used triple seam stitching for its construction. It means the hand will hold its shape well, and you can continue to wear it as long as you want. Stitching the pants can also take on any hard road impacts as well. It can hold up pretty well against skidding and will keep your legs safe in case of an accident.

Safety features

These pants also come with some safety features two. First of all, there is turn-up reflectivity to ensure you remain visible to other riders and drivers on the road. Apart from that, the pants also come with internal pockets on the knees and hips for you to place your kneepads and hip pads.

Available in different sizes

These pants are also available in different sizes as well. From 24-inch to 34-inch, you can conveniently find the right sizes according to your preferences and requirements. However, it will help if you keep in mind that the sizes available in these pants are not suitable for women with large statues. So, if you are looking for bigger sizes, consider going for some other pants.

Colors options

Mostly these specific function pants are not available in different color options. But the good thing is that the Stella Angeles denim women riding pent is available in dark blue and smokey black.

Comfortable to wear

One of the top features of these jeans is that they are pretty comfortable to wear. But, of course, you will use them for riding, so your knees will remain bent for hours.

Alpinestars understand this, and they have gone for stitched rivets to ensure you can convey the use of the bio flex knee armor. With this stichting, there will be additional room to place the pad, and there won’t be any unnecessary pressure on the pants, making you feel uncomfortable.

Easy to wash

And of course, you don’t have to worry about cleaning these pairs of pants. But, of course, they are denim, so you can let them get dirty for a more extended period. And when you decide to clean it up, you can either wash it by hand or in a machine. But, of course, cleaning it in a machine would be a better choice because after so much dirt has gone into it, cleaning it by hand will take some serious effort.

Versatile design

The jeans come with a pretty versatile design. You can either wear it while riding, or you can also wear it for casual use. These pants look rather stylish, and you can wear them anywhere you want. They are comfortable to wear at your home, run errands, or even when commuting.

Alpinestars Stella Angeles vs Alpinestars Vika V2

FeaturesAlpinestars Stella AngelesAlpinestars Vika V2
MaterialsDenim CorduraFull-grain leather
Different sizes available9 (24 to 34)7 (38 to 50)
SilhouetteStraight fitExpansion fit
Safety featuresKnee and hip pad pockets.
ReflectivityTurn up on the hem
Stitching styleTriple stitched

Let’s talk about the Vika V2, another pair of women’s riding pants. The Vika V2 is of full-grain leather, so that it will be pretty durable. The pants have a somewhat rustic look and are available in different sizes. If you are a woman with a large stature, these pants will be the right fit for you.

On the other hand, the denim jeans Stella Angeles is suitable for smaller statures.  Therefore, you have to make your choice carefully.

The Vika V2 doesn’t come with many safety features. You will have to add knee and hip pads. The Stella Angeles comes to knee and hip pad pockets on the inside.

Triple seam stitching is on the denim jeans, while Alpinestars has used a single leather piece to make the Vika V2. So, these pants will handle the wear and tear pretty well.

Of course, the Vika V2 is made of quality full-grain leather, so that it will cost more than denim jeans. But denim jeans are a pretty good option for you to consider as it comes with plenty of safety features as long as it fits well on you.

Choosing between the two options is more about personal preferences than anything else. For example, if you prefer to wear jeans over leather, you need to go to Stella Angeles; otherwise, the Vika V2 is the right option for you. Additionally, there are fit pockets on the Stella Angeles just like any other jeans, but there are none on the Vika V2.

Alpinestars Stella Angeles vs. Others on the Market

FeaturesAlpinestars Stella AngelesSpeed $ Strength SavvyHighway 21 Palisade
MaterialsDenim CorduraCotton polyester blendHeavyweight denim
Different sizes availableAvailableYesCertainly
SilhouetteStraight fitSlim-straight fitSlim-straight fit
Safety featuresKnees and hip protectionKnee protectionHip and knee protection
ReflectivityTurn up on the hem
Stitching styleTriple stitchedDouble-stitched

Let’s have a brief look at the competition of these high-quality denim riding pants by Alpinestars. Stella Angeles faces stiff competition from the Savvy by Speed & Strength and the Palisade by Highway 21.

Alpinestars Stella Angeles vs. Speed & Strength Savvy

The Savvy by Speed & Strength is a quality pair of pants and has a modern look than the classic. Therefore, if you are into more contemporary styled jeans, consider going for the Savvy.

They have used a blend of cotton and polyester in the construction of these pants. So, it not only looks modern but feels modern too. It will not sit well for anyone who is a classic denim fan.

There are different sizes available, and the pants are also slim-straight, so you need to be slightly on the skinny side in size to make this pair work. Knee protection is there, but there is no hip protection in Stella Angeles.

One more thing that makes Stella Angeles a better option is that it comes with some reflectivity on the hem and the stitching style features triple seaming. These features are not there and will weigh down the Savvy against Stella Angeles. Therefore, in the end, Stella Angeles is the better option for you to consider.

Alpinestars Stella Angeles vs. Highway 21 Palisade

Now let’s have a look at the Palisades by Highway 21. The Palisade is another modern-looking pair of jeans. But Highway 21 has used lightweight denim fabric in the construction of this pair. Hence, in terms of fabric, the Palisade might be the better option for you to choose.

If you are looking for a stretchy pair of jeans, Stella Angeles is the better option. Both the pants are available in different sizes. And the Stell Angeles comes with a slim-straight fitting as opposed to the straight fitting of Stella.

So, for a much fitting design to show off your curves, perhaps the Palisade is the better option. On the other hand, if you are looking for a traditional overlook, choose Stella.

The Palisade comes with knee and hip protection. But there are no reflectivity features on the Palisade, and it also comes with a double stitched design. On the other hand, the Stella comes with triple-teamed stitching with reflectivity on them.

So, again the estate option, but only by a slight margin, is the Stella Angeles by Alpinestars. However, if the price is a concern for you, then the Palisade has a clear advantage over Stella because it costs less than half of the Stella costs.

Things We Liked About Alpinestars Stella Angeles

Various features make the Alpinestars Stella Angeles one of the better denim jeans for riding women. We are listing them down here for your convenience.

  • These pants are made of high-quality Cordura denim fabric. The fabric is not only durable, but it is stretchy as well. Yout denim jeans will last for a long time as they can take a serious toll, and they will fit on your legs pretty well due to their stretchiness. You will feel very comfortable wearing these pants.
  • The Stellas Angeles comes with knee and hip protection. In addition, there are internal pockets so you can place the knee and hip pads for your road safety and comfort.
  • Moreover, these pants come with triple-seamed stitching to ensure you don’t have to deal with any tearing later. This seaming also features reflectivity to make sure you remain visible to everyone on the road.
  • These pants are available in different sizes, and it’s silhouette features a straight fit. It means that these pants come with a classic design. If you are not a huge fan of those stylish jeans designs, you need to go for the good old traditional Stella Angeles by Alpinestars.

Things We Didn’t Like About Alpinestars Stella Angeles

These pants by Alpinestars are pretty extraordinary. However, they do come with their flows. As surprising as it may seem, here are some of the discrepancies that Stella Angelese comes with.

  • If you are an individual who likes contemporary designs when it comes to apparel, this pair of jeans will disappoint you. The straight fit of these jeans is very classic in its mood, and there is no modern design on it.
  • Despite being a bit old in its design and looks, this pair of jeans still comes with quite a precise tag. Most contemporary designs are available on the market at half the price of Stella. If you are a serious rider and ride your motorcycles on a reasonably regular basis, this pair of pants will prove useful to you. Apart from that, their classic look means you can use them casually too.

Final Word

The Alpinestars women motorcycle denim pant for riding do not come with a hefty price tag . But it also comes with features to back that price tag. In addition, Alpinestars has used triple seam stitching to enhance its durability and strength.

The pants come with straight fitting, so they are pretty classic in the overall outlook. But there are different sizes and two different colors available. These pants also come with knee and hip safety so you can remain safe and comfortable during your rides. They will work very well over most long or ankle-covered boots.

And if you ride in longer sessions, the Cordura denim used in the development of this pair will allow you to remain comfortably seated on your bike without compromising on your style.