How To Tie Down a Motorcycle in An Enclosed Trailer

You might be shifting to a new state and wondering how to tie down a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer safely? Transporting your motorcycles in enclosed trailers is your safest bet. The enclosed trailers will keep your motorcycle safe from rain, wind, dust, and sunlight.

But how to tie down a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer?

This comprehensive guide will show you how to do it effectively.

Get the right equipment to tie down a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer

right equipment to tie down a motorcycle

You can use different tie-down systems and accessories to tie down your motorcycle in your enclosed trailer. You can either go for those tie-down straps or tie-down systems.

The tie-down straps are made of quality 1-inch webbing, and they come with S-hooks or snap hooks. You can use these hooks to secure the straps on each anchor point that is present on your trailer.

Tie-down systems have cam buckle straps or ratchet systems, and they tighten the straps while creating a stronghold on your motorcycle. Some of them are used in combination with handlebar straps or tie-down anchor points.

There are various accessories to keep a hold on your motorcycle while transporting it. Stud fitting sand spring sittings are available, and you can attach straps to these fittings.

Motorbike straps are made of quality 1-inch polyester webbing, and they also have S-hooks that you can attach to the anchor point. Some of them also come with cinch straps and hand bar straps that you can use for extra security.

Tie-down systems have stud-fitting tracks like L-track, which is also called tie-down bar or airline track. You can mount it to the wall or floor of your trailer and make your motorcycle more secure for transportation.

Another type of tie-down system that you can go with is the E-track system, and it comes with a wider and flatter design. Again, these tie-down systems are highly effective to use and very simple to install.

Setting the trailer up

Setting the trailer up

You need to set it up before you can tie down a motorcycle to an enclosed trailer.

You have to make sure that your motorcycle is as level as possible. This will make sure it remains safe and secure on the enclosed trailer as well.

The better option here for you is to go for wheel chock as it will come in handy to keep your motorcycle in place. These chocks are made of plastic or rubber.

You can place them against the heels of your motorcycle to keep your motorcycle steady. These chocks work like hand brakes on motor cars. So, they are effective in holding your motorcycle in place when your trailer is moving.

These chocks come in handy when your motorcycle is parked or when it is lifted, or when you are transporting it. Some of these chocks have ice cleats, and they work pretty efficiently.

What to Do When You Don’t Have a Chock?

Wheel Chock

If you don’t have a choke, you also need to learn how to tie down a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer. You have to look for different solutions for securing them in your trailer.

Moreover, you must lift the motorcycle in your trailer and keep it straight. Try to place it at the center of the trailer. Make sure both sides of the motorcycle have the same distance from your trailer’s body.

With your motorcycle right in the center of the trailer, the weight distribution remains the same on the van, and your motorcycle will go on a smooth ride.

Improvising with a piece of plastic or wood can also be done here. You can use this piece as wheel chocks. If this piece doesn’t fit perfectly, you will have to compensate by wrapping cloth or towel.

Now, keep in mind that even if this arrangement works for your motorcycle, that doesn’t mean it will work for motorcycles of all weights and sizes.

How to Load Your Motorbike in Your Enclosed Trailer?

Soft loop straps

When you prepare those straps, you need to look for ways to load your motorcycle on your enclosed trailer. You have to load the hauling motorcycle on your trailer and then put it on its kickstand.

Now tighten down the front end enough before you put your kickstand back up. This will make sure that your kickstand remains well-protected when you are transporting your motorcycle.

Tie the motorcycle down properly

ratchet straps

First, you have to fix one of the ratchet straps right against the motorcycle’s kickstand very tightly. Tight it until there is no slack or room within the slap.

Now fix this strap to the D-ring present on the trailers; floor and hold the motorcycle in place.

You can also use softer straps on your motorcycle and loop them to those ratchet traps. You have to do this to make sure that no damage occurs to the body of your motorcycle due to these straps. Moreover, you have to put the second strap on your motorcycle’s chassis and position it diagonally in relation to the first strap.

You can choose more anchor points accurately and repeat this process using another step right at the front of your motorcycle. You can do the same with the straps on the rear end of the motorcycle too. Ensure not to forget about tightening these straps until there is no clash or room left to keep the motorcycle perfectly upright while transporting it.

When you stop your trailer to refuel, don’t forget to check your motorbike. The straps might get loosened with vibrations during the travel, and this might cause your motorcycle to end up falling in your trailer. With frequent monitoring, you can reduce any chances of accidents.

Things to Avoid When Transporting Your motorcycle in Your Enclosed Trailer

You need to avoid some important things at all costs when you are transporting your motorcycle in an enclosed trailer.

  • Never go for any of those cheapest straps. You will have to pay a lot more to repair those damages that occur when a loose motorcycle drops in your trailer.
  • Don’t use those rear bag guards as your attachment points because they will get pulled off with the weight of your motorcycle.
  • Don’t use low-quality wheel chocks. You can use a motorcycle rack for an enclosed trailer if you are looking for the utmost safety for your motorcycle.
  • Never drive recklessly when you know you have a motorbike tied down in your trailer. Due to vibration, your motorcycle can loosen over time.
  • Don’t attach the tie downs right at the end of the long handlebars. Some motorcycle dealers agree with this, but it is not the best practice because some handlebars come with rubber mounts and can compress. This compression can cause your tie-down setup to slip, and your motorcycle will lose its place in the trailer.

Transporting Your motorcycle with Moorings

How you tie down your motorcycle will depend a lot on the model and make of your motorcycle. But almost all people agree to use a frame or anything else that can solidly mount to your trailer.

Most street motorcycles will need a couple of tie-downs on the front end and a couple of tie-downs on the rear end. But you can also go for four in front and two at the rear end as well.

Hook those ties down to the frame or floor. Extend them as much as you can where you can reach them. If you have extension tie straps right around the lower triple shaft. Then use this place because it is the safest for the tie-down setup.


Why are wheel chocks important when transporting a motorcycle?

Wheel chocks are essential. They will keep your motorcycle from moving. During motion, your motorcycle needs to be strapped in while transporting it in your enclosed trailer. Therefore, you have to keep your motorcycle as safe as possible. And for this, you will have to keep those wheels from trolling.

Can I tie down a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer without a wheel chock?

You will need to use soft stars on your motorcycle. Use these steps to loop each with the ratchet steps. Compress those shocks a little bit as you don’t want hose straps to disengage if you hit even a slight bump on the road while driving.

You also need to choose those anchor points very carefully. You need to go for two at the front and two right at the back. And make sure that you don’t leave any slacks within the straps.

What’s the right size of the ratchet straps for a motorcycle?

The length of the strap should be long enough to bridge that distance. This distance is right between the trailer and the part of the motorcycle you are using to attach to your trailer to keep it in place. You might also need extra length to secure the strap through tension.

Most of the steps are 2 feet to eight feet in length. But you can also go for any longer versions as well if you have a large trailer.

Can I use soft loops and straps to tie down my motorcycle?

You can wrap that twisted loop end right around the anchor point you want to use. Then, insert that straight loop end right through that twist loop. Then pull that straight loop end right through until that soft loop is tightly secured.

Finally, you can attach that tie-down hook directly to that remaining loop you pulled through. And your soft loop will be secured.


To tie down a motorcycle in an enclosed trailer safely, you have to put sturdy straps on your motorcycle. In addition, use wheel chocks to prevent your motorcycle from rolling. With these chocks, you will be able to keep your motorcycle in a stride position.

If you don’t have wheel chocks, you can use any other object made of wood or plastic. Put it right next to your motorbike wheels. This way, you will be able to hold your motorcycle well. Also, you will keep it from moving when you are on the go in your trailer.