Harley CVO Limited Vs. BMW K 1600

Touring bikes are great when it comes to riding long distances. They are equipped with everything and are essentially cars on two wheels. This is the ultimate match of best touring bikes of 2020 between Harley CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600.

Harley-Davidson is one of the top companies globally to produce touring bikes and bring you their CVO Limited with a top speed of around 125 miles an hour. BMW is also known for its touring bikes. The K 1600 comes with a top speed of over 125 miles an hour. Both these are powerful motorbikes equipped to handle heavier loads and ride them on longer distances.

So, keep reading to find the best touring bike.

Industry History


Harley Davidson is one of the top companies in the world when it comes to motorbikes. It has been around for over a century, and it has been producing high-quality bikes for its consumers. No matter what bike category you are looking for, Harley-Davidson has something for you.


BMW hails from Germany, and the company doesn’t need any introduction at all. It is one of the top automobile manufacturers globally, producing high-quality motorbikes for over a century now. If you are looking for reliability and performance, BMW is the way to go.

CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600 – An Overview

The CVO Limited 2020

The CVO Limited is your ultimate choice in long-range riding luxury and touring. It comes with the best-in-class power along with advanced technology. This bike is all about style and features a V-twin engine that is only available in the CVO models. You will be more in control of your situation when riding this bike to whatever destination.

The K 1600 2020

The K 1600 is an influential touring bike that has a sporty look. It has a dynamic yet relaxed ride and features a 6-cylinder in-line engine that ensures power delivery and keeps things smooth on the road. This bike also features weather and windproof equipment, which means the K 1600 is ever ready for long-distance riding no matter what your plans are.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesCVO LimitedBMW K 1600
Fuel and vehicle typePetrol touringPetrol touring
Fuel tank capacity6 gallons7 gallons
Engine typeV-twin liquid-cooled, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke engineLiquid-cooled, 6-cylinder, in-line 4-stroke engine
Maximum power105 HP @ 5250 RPM160 HP @ 7750 RPM
Maximum torque125 ft-lb @ 3500 RPM129 lb-ft @ 5250 RPM
Seating capacity and type2, dual stepped2, dual stepped
Seat height27.7 inches31.9 to 32.7 inches
Weight906 lbs736 lbs
Gear transmission6-speed shaft drive6-speed shaft drive
Front and rear suspensionDual Bending and Emulsion with preloadDuolever and Paralever
Front and rear brakesDisc brake w/ 4-piston caliper front and rear fixedDual floating disc brake w/ 4-piston caliper and single disc brake w/ dual-piston caliper.
Front and rear tires130/60 B19 61H and 180/55 B18 80H120/70 ZR 17 and 190/55 ZR 17
Wheelbase64 inches63.7 inches
Ground clearance4.9 inches5.75 inches


Harley CVO Limited engine

Let’s begin our discussion with the engines in this comparison of CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600. Both these machines are equipped with pretty powerful engines in their respect. They can conveniently reach a top speed of 125 miles an hour, but the BMW can surpass this number.

This means that BMW takes the lead in the first round. But with that being said, the CVO doesn’t remain far behind as it is equipped with a V-twin engine which is Harley-Davidson’s most powerful unit and is only available in the CVO models. If you are talking about consistent speed over longer distances, then the CVO Limited will outshine the K 1600 thanks to its much higher displacement of over 1900cc.

The K 1600 is equipped with a 6-cylinder in-line engine that is better at gaining quick speeds. But in terms of displacement, it falls slightly short at around 1650cc. So, if you are looking for better acceleration, then the K 1600 is the better choice. But for a more powerful ride and consistency, the CVO Limited outperforms the K 1600.


Weight of Harley CVO-Limited

From here on, the match-up will be a bit more in favor of the K 1600 than the CVO Limited. This is because the biggest advantage that the CVO has over the K1600 is its higher displacement. Now let’s discuss the weight factor in this comparison of CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600.

The BMW K 1600 is significantly a lighter vehicle if you compare it with the CVO Limited. The K 1600 weighs over 730 lbs, while the CVO Limited weighs over 900 lbs. So, the K 1600 has a significant advantage over the CVO. It will be easier to handle and maneuver on various terrains and can handle sloped pretty well.

The CVO is equipped with a bigger engine that will put it at a slight disadvantage here. It will undoubtedly produce a lot more speed over a distance, but when it’s about riding the tight corners, the K 1600 reigns supreme.

The CVO Limited is designed for bigger riders, while the K 1600 is more geared towards a sports touring category. They are catering to two different niches but more or less, they both compete with one another.

And despite being lighter, the K 1600 features a bigger fuel tank to go the distance with fewer refills than the CVO Limited. So, this round is going to go in the favor of the K 1600.

Suspension and brakes

Suspension and brakes of CVO-Limited

Now let’s discuss the suspension and brakes in this comparison of CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600. Both these machines come with a pretty powerful set of suspension suitable for their riding class. The CVO Limited is a more traditional touring bike as it is heavy and will not reach quick speeds in no time.

So, Harley-Davidson has equipped it with Dual Bending and Emulsion suspension on both front and rear ends, respectively. Both these suspension systems are pretty durable, and they make sure that the rider’s comfort takes center stage no matter what the road conditions are.

The same can be said for the K 1600 as well. It comes with BMW’s signature Duolever and Paralever suspension on both front and rear ends. This suspension system is designed to handle speed and can handle the load as well.

But it can handle more speed than load. Therefore, if you are looking to gear up for a distant ride, the CVO Limited would be a better choice for riding comfort. But if you are looking to reach your destination in a hurry, then for quick speeds, the K 1600 would be a better choice.

Both the machines are equipped with a pretty powerful set of brakes as well. But to handle more speed, the K 1600 is equipped with floating disc brakes. The CVO Limited has more traditional brakes with 4-piston calipers, so the K 1600 takes over the CVO Limited.


Ergonomics of BMW K 1600 and CVO Limited

Both the bikes differ significantly in ergonomics because the CVO Limited has a traditional touring bike design while the K 1600 has a much sportier construction. Therefore, we can say that the K 1600 is more aero-dynamic and speed-oriented, while the CVO Limited is more load-oriented with a bulkier design.

The CVO Limited has its center of gravity closer to the ground as its seat height is only 27.7 inches. The K 1600 has an adjustable seat height that ranges from 31.9 inches to 32.7 inches. So the K 1600 is better suited for slightly taller riders.

As the CVO Limited is a heavier and bulkier bike, its wheelbase is slightly bigger at 64 inches. The K 1600’s wheelbase is not that far behind (63.7 inches) despite being around 200 lbs lighter. So, you will feel much more stable and balanced on your K 1600.

The K 1600 also has much better ground clearance (5.75 inches) than the 4.9-inch ground clearance of the CVO Limited. So you can handle rougher terrain on your K 1600. The overall riding comfort on both these bikes is pretty good, but you will feel much more relaxed on your CVO, while the seating position can be a bit aggressive on your K 1600.

Looks and aesthetics

Looks of Harley CVO-Limited

Both these touring bikes are considerably different from one another when we talk about looks and aesthetics. If you are looking for a much more traditional-looking touring bike, you need to choose CVO Limited because it has everything you need as a touring bike lover.

On the other hand, the BMW K 1600 has a much more aero-dynamic look because it is a sport-touring bike. If you are looking for versatility, this is the best option for you. It can give you speed, and it can take uploads. But if speed is not a thing for you, then the CVO is a better choice.

The CVO is a much heavier bike, so you will need to handle and control it with more care. It is available in three different colors, while the K 1600 is primarily white and black with different shades and trims. So, for a more traditional look, the CVO is a better choice, while for a more aero-dynamic and sportier look, the K 1600 is the way to go.


You will notice a significant difference between the price tags of both these machines. The CVO Limited is significantly higher priced than K 1600 in this comparison of CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600.

With the much bigger price tag, you will also get a host of features. The bike comes with additional accessories and adds, and there are different trims available too. There are various electronic and infotainment systems that are present on this bike.

You will be in a lot more control over your ride when you are riding your CVO Limited, thanks to different electronic features like traction control, ABS pro, and a variety of other gauges. The infotainment features that BoomBox GTS has are what makes the CVO Limited and unlimited long-distance ride.

On the other hand, the K 1600 does come with electronic features like ABS and traction control. But the CVO Limited significantly takes the lead with its infotainment features best suited for longer rides, and that is one of the primary reasons this bike comes with a much bigger price tag.

CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600 – The Similarities

In comparing CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600, you might have noticed some significant differences between these two bikes. But upon a closer look, you will also see that there are a few similarities as well. In this section, we are going to have a brief look at some of them.

Fuel and vehicle types

Both these machines are powered by petrol, and they both are designed to function as touring bikes. However, the BMW K 1600 has a slightly different look that is geared more towards sports touring. Therefore, the K 1600 will be much better for pick-up speeds with its more aerodynamic design.

Gearing system

Both these machines feature shaft final drive, and they both have 6-speed manual transmission. But when it comes to better responsiveness with a twist of the throttle, the K 1600 is a much better performer than the CVO Limited. The CVO Limited is much better when it comes to taking loads and equipment.

Seating type and capacity

The K 1600 and the CVO Limited both have rider and pillion seats. They both have a very ergonomic design and are suitable for long rides. The overall seating design is dual stepped, and both the machines have backrests for support as well.

CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600 – Pros & Cons

CVO Limited


  • Excellent for its traditional looks.
  • Better at taking more loads.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Better at entertainment.


  • Very expensive.
  • Pretty heavy.

BMW K 1600


  • More aero-dynamic.
  • Bigger fuel tank.
  • Sharper throttle response.
  • Easier to handle and maneuver.


  • Not many color options are available.
  • Maintenance is costly.


In our opinion, the winner of the CVO Limited vs. BMW K 1600 comparison is the BMW K 1600. It has a much more dynamic aura associated with it. The sports touring bike is great in terms of speed and can take up the load, and it costs almost half of what you will pay for the CVO Limited if you are going for that.

The CVO Limited is much better in terms of entertainment options and can take up more load. But if you are looking beyond carrying luggage and listening to your favorite tunes, BMW K 1600 is a better option, hands down.