How To Repair Scratched Motorcycle Helmet Visor

How to repair a scratched motorcycle helmet visor? If you’re reading this, your visor is probably already scratched.

Luckily, repairing a visor is too easy to fix. You need a few materials, such as sandpaper, a scratch remover, and a cloth or a buffing wheel. Lots of people use the scratch remover right away. But it won’t work with deeper scratches. Sanding down the visor instead will ensure the removal of scratches.

But all of that is for later. Right now, you must decide if you have a scratch or a scuff. Here’s how:

Scratch Vs. Scuff:

Scratch Vs. Scuff

First things first, how do you know if those are scratches or just scuffs? The easiest way to tell is to run your fingernail through it. If it gets stuck or you feel a slight abrasion, it’s a scratch. Otherwise, it’s just a scuff.

In addition, scuff refers to any mark left by a foreign object. It could be marks left behind by rust, rubbed off from metal objects, and even paint transferred over.

What Options Do You Have for Scratch Repair?

What can you do if your bike helmet is scratched? Here are a few alternatives on how to repair a scratched motorcycle helmet visor.

Do Nothing:

Use the helmet as it is

It might sound like a troll, but it’s true. If your helmet only has a few scratches, you may leave it as it is. Scratches are more of an aesthetic problem, and they don’t lead to any structural defects in the helmet.

On the contrary, while trying to remove any scratches, you might make it worse. If, however, the scratches are on the visor and obstructing your vision, you need to fix the problem immediately.

Get A New Helmet:

However, to get rid of scratches, the best thing you can do is get a new helmet. Unlike dents, scratches are pretty much permanent.

Now, of course, no one would ever recommend buying a brand-new helmet to accommodate a few scratches. If the scratches are too numerous, only then consider purchasing a new helmet.

Similarly, if the scratches are on the visor, immediately buy either a new helmet or a replacement visor.

Place A Sticker:

Place a sticker on the visor

If you want a cheap solution to fixing a bike helmet scratch, cover it with a sticker. Buyers who’ve gotten swindled by dealers specifically know this trick. The sticker hides the scratch and enhances the beauty of the helmet as well.

Consequently, some stickers leave behind residue when you remove them. Test them out on a surface similar to your helmets beforehand.

Use A Permeant Marker:

Therefore, if your motorcycle helmet is black, red, blue, or green, chances are, you may find a permanent marker of a similar shade. A permanent marker is an inexpensive yet effective way to cover up scratch and scuff marks. One thing you must know is, permanent features may not work effectively on some surfaces.

Use Touch-Up Paint:

Finally, you can use touch-up paint. It’s not highly recommended as it’s an expensive solution to an insignificant problem. In the same way, if it’s just for one scratch, the rest of the paint can be wasted.

How to Remove Your Helmet Visor for Cleaning?

How do you remove the visor from the helmet? Before cleaning the scratches, you must detach the visor. Here’s how:

Remove the Visor

Step 1: Remove the Outer Visor

Your visor has two parts: the inner visor and the outer visor. Start by unscrewing the external visor. Also, it shouldn’t be too difficult. If possible, wear gloves when handling the visor to avoid scratching it. Remove the outer visor by lifting it.

Step 2: Remove the Inner Visor

Next, remove the inner visor. Now, this is a bit tricky. Start by firmly grasping the side of the internal visor and pushing it towards the ground. And this motion should easily remove the inner visor.

How to Repair Scratched Motorcycle Helmet Visor – Step-by-Step:

So, the big question is finally here. How to repair a scratched motorcycle helmet visor and keep it in top shape? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

What You’ll Need:

  • 320-grit sandpaper.
  • 2000-grit sandpaper.
  • Drill with a buffing wheel (optional).
  • A bucket of water.
  • Scratch and swirl remover.
  • Lots of paper towels.

Step 1: Remove the Visor

Begin by removing the visor from the motorcycle. Be sure not to work on the visor while it’s attached to the helmet.

Step 2: Wet Sand the Scratch

Sand Paper

Get your bucket of water out and dip your 320-grit sandpaper in it until it is completely soaked. Now, start sanding the part of the visor that’s scratched. Depending on how deep the scratch is, you’ll need to sand it for up to 15 minutes.

You want to move your sandpaper in a circular motion. Keep going till you don’t feel the scratch anymore (use your nails to gauge this).

Step 3: Switch to the 2000-Grit Sandpaper

Now, to remove the scratches caused by the sandpaper, use your 2000-grit sandpaper. However, it’s not strong enough to sand down more significant scratches, but it will do the job for smaller ones.

Besides, do not forget to wetthe sandpaper. Keep wetting it if it gets dry. Dry sandpaper will cause even more significant problems. Continue sanding in a circular motion, preferably all over the visor.

Step 4: Scratch Remover

Next, take out your scratch and swirl remover and drop some onto a clean piece of cloth. Start rubbing it in a circular motion all over the visor, especially where you sanded it.

If you feel up for it, you can use a drill machine and any buffing wheel. You can even use an old but clean wheel for this.

Finally, wipe off the scratch remover using a dry paper towel and keep drying it until all of it is gone.

How Do You Stop Motorcycle Helmet Visor from Scratching?

Briefly, you know how to repair a scratched motorcycle helmet visor; how do you keep it from getting scratched? Two words: good care. Here are a few simple steps that will help protect your visor from scratches and scuffs.

  • Don’t follow other riders too closely. Flying debris and dust will abrade the visor and leave minor scratches that will, over time, fog up your vision.
  • Keep your visor down when the wind is dusty. This will ensure no dust gets behind the visor, ruining the anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.
  • Store your bike in a safe place. No, your handlebars aren’t safe. Anyone can brush up against it, even you. And this could lead to your visor getting scratched.
  • Don’t hold keys or other sharp objects in your hand when handling your visor. Now, it does not recommend finding a spot to put your keys down while driving, as it will distract you. But if it’s possible, keep your keys and other sharp objects away from the visor.
  • Buy an anti-scratch coating and spray it over the visor. Spray it inside as well. Just be sure it’s recommended for use with visors.

How Do You Clean Helmet Visors?

Clean Helmet Visors

Cleaning the visor is quite simple, but it requires a few materials. You’ll need 2000-grit and 320-grit sandpaper, a scratch and swirl remover, and a clean cloth.

Here’s how to repair a scratched motorcycle helmet visor:

  • Start by removing the visor from the helmet. Wet your 320-grit sandpaper and rub it in circular motions around the scratches.
  • Now, wet your 2000-grit sandpaper and repeat the same process. Don’t worry about the minor scratches left behind by the sandpaper; they will disappear too.
  • Keep going like this for 15 minutes.
  • Next, dab some scratch and swirl remover either on a cloth or a buffing wheel attached to a drill. Carefully buff the area in circular motions to remove the minor scratches.
  • Repeat the process a few times if needed.
  • Wipe down the visor, let it dry, then reattach it to your bike’s helmet. Apply any protective coatings (anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating, etc.), and you’re good to go.

Please bear in mind if the visor isn’t clear even after a few cleaning sessions, buy a new visor. You can get a replacement visor for cheap. Never ride with an unclean visor.

Are Helmet Visors Universal?

No, one helmet visor will not necessarily fit every helmet. If you’re planning on buying a new visor, look for an OEM replacement as those are the perfect fit. If not, you can easily find any visor that will fit your helmet.

Can You Buff Scratch Out of Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

Yes, the scratches on a visor can indeed be buffed using any suitable scratch remover. Some people like to use toothpaste, as its natural properties help fill in the scratch. But if you want something a little more efficient, go for those scratch and swirl removers.

Moreover, you have the option of using a buffing wheel with a drill. If you have an old one lying around, you can make use of that. Just make sure it’s clean. If you don’t have one, you can dab some of the solutions on a piece of cloth and rub it in circular motions.


In the final analysis, scratches can be menacing. But not to worry. With a little magic and sandpaper, your helmet will be as good as new.

There are a ton of aftermarket touch-up sprays and scratch removers. But before you apply any of that, sand the scratch first. It will help remove deeper scratches and keep your visor in top shape.

And remember, never ride behind other drivers. You might not be able to see the dust and debris they toss. But you’ll be thanking yourself later, for keeping the distance.

And now that you know how to repair a scratched motorcycle helmet visor, it’s time to clean your visor and ride care-free!