Kawasaki Z125 Pro Vs. Honda Grom

Whether you are looking for a ride that helps you commute or run through your errands with convenience, you need to go for the one that is full of fun. Both Kawasaki Z125 Pro (top speed: 70 miles an hour) and Honda Grom (top speed: 60 miles an hour) are fun rides. But they pack some serious bit of power as well. These mini-naked bikes are not going to beat everything out there running the road. But they will indeed allow you to enjoy everything that you do on your bike.

They are lightweight and compact, and rider-friendly as well. If you are new to riding, these are probably the best bikes on the market for you to develop some skills. The Z125 Pro and the Grom are two of the best mini naked bikes out there, but which one to go for?

In this post, we are going to find out everything about it, so keep reading.

Industry History


Kawasaki has been one of the top brands in the motorcycle industry right from the beginning. It was the first international brand that entered the US market back in the day, and it never looked back since starting its operation in a heavily competitive market. If you are looking for speed and performance, then Kawasaki is the way to go.


Honda is the top motorcycle manufacturer in the world since 1959. It topped the charts as the largest manufacturer not long after it came into being. Honda is well-recognized for its quality rides and robust resilience. If you are looking for a reliable bike, you need to go for Honda, hands down.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom – An Overview

The Z125 Pro 2020

The Z125 Pro 2020 is one of the most powerful mini naked bikes that the market offers today. Its lightweight and compact design make it extremely easy to maneuver. Therefore, cornering is not going to be a problem for you at all. The company has also released the 2021 model with a few upgrades and in different colors. This bike is all about power and performance, and this is what you expect from Kawasaki.

The Grom 2020

The Grom 2020 is slightly heavier, but it develops momentum rapidly, thanks to its 125cc 4-stroke engine. You can also go with the ABS trim for better stopping power and superior handling. Honda is on the course for releasing the 2022 model with better looks and accessories. The bikes have superior handling, exceptional suspension, and great stopping power. It is second to none in terms of acceleration too.

Comparison Chart

FeaturesKawasaki Z125 ProHonda Grom
Fuel & vehicle typePetrol mini naked bikePetrol mini naked bike
Fuel Tank Capacity2 gallons1.45 gallons
Engine typeSingle cylinder SOHC, 4-stroke, air-cooledSingle cylinder SOHC, 4-stroke, air-cooled
Maximum power15 HP @ 10,000 RPM10 HP @ 7,000 RPM
Maximum torque9.49 Nm @ 6,000 RPM10.5 Nm @ 5,500 RPM
Seating capacity and type2, standard2, dual stepped
Seat height31.7 inches30 inches
Weight~225 lbs~229 lbs
Gear transmission4-speed chain drive4-speed chain drive
Front and rear suspensionThe 3.9-inch telescopic fork and 4.1-inch mono-shock swingarm3.9-inch inverted fork and 4.1-inch mono-shock swingarm
Front and rear brakesSingle petal-style disc brake on both endsSingle hydraulic disc with dual-piston caliper and single hydraulic disc with single-piston caliper
Front and rear tire size100/90-12 and 120/70-12120/70-12 and 130/70-12
Wheelbase46.3 inches47.2 inches


Kawasaki and Honda motorcycle engine

Let’s talk about the engine of both these bikes in this comparison of Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom. Both these bikes are very similar to one another in terms of design and construction, with a few differences along the way.

You will notice that both the Z125 and the Grom have similar types of engines with similar displacements. Both of them come with 125cc SOHC engines with 4-stroke and air-cooled configuration.

It means they will be very similar in terms of power and performance. Yet, you will notice that the Honda Grom can produce better maximum torque and power over a period while the instant pick-up speed of the Z125 Pro is better.

So, if you are looking for a quick pick-up speed with the twist of the throttle, Z125 Pro is the better option. For a more consistent speed over a long distance, the Grom is better. Therefore, we are going to tie this round between both these bikes.


There is not going to be much difference between these two bikes here, but the difference is there. In this comparison of Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom, the Grom is the heavier bikes weighing in at around 229 lbs. The Z125 Pro weighs about 225 pounds and is a bit lighter.

But despite being lighter, the Z125 feels a bit stiff while cornering. This is because its wheelbase is about an inch smaller than the Grom. You are also slightly higher from the ground on the Z125 Pro. with a lower seat height, you feel closer to the ground and are a lot more controlled in your maneuvers.

Therefore, the Grom offers much superior handling and a much better riding comfort than the Z125 despite being slightly heavier. So, this round will favor Grom as it manages to deliver better performance and handling even when it is a bit heavier than its competitor.

Suspension and brakes

Kawasaki and Honda motorcycle suspension

Now let’s talk about the suspension and braking system in this comparison of Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom. The Z125 Pro features a telescopic fork on the front end that ensures 3.9-inch of travel. While on the back end, there is a mono-shock swingarm suspension that guarantees 4.1-inch travel.

On the other hand, the Grom features an inverted fork suspension with 3.9-inch travel on the front end. There is a mono-shock swingarm on the back end with 4.1-inch travel. So, both the machines are very similar to one another in terms of the suspension system. Hence, ride comfort is going to be there as they both can handle bumpy roads pretty well.

The brakes on Z125 Pro are petal-styled disc brakes on both ends. Hence, they are going to provide you with decent stopping power when you need it. The Grom, on the other hand, features a hydraulic disc brake with a dual-piston caliper on the front end and a hydraulic disc brake on the rear end with a single-piston caliper.

With slightly much more weight to handle, the hydraulic disc brakes are more powerful and responsive. So, this round is going to go in favor of the Grom because of its better braking system.


Ergonomics of Honda and Kawasaki motorcycle

Next up in this comparison of Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom are the ergonomics. The Z125 Pro is a pretty compact naked bike designed to ensure superior handling, even at brisk speeds.

However, it provides you with some comfort during your ride thanks to its comfortable seat height, 31.7 inches from the ground, and a wheelbase of 46.3 inches. With these dimensions, you will feel nice and relaxed on your bike. And because it’s a compact model, you won’t have to stretch your arms and legs for the handlebar and the footpegs as well.

Similar is the case with the Grom, which has a compact design, and the footpegs and handlebar are nicely placed. But you will feel a lot more comfortable on the Grom because its seat is lower in height, around 30 inches from the ground.

Its wheelbase is just over 47 inches so that you will feel much closer to the ground with a bigger footprint. So, your overall control over the bike will be pretty well. With these features, we are going to give this round to the Grom.

Looks and aesthetics

Looks and aesthetics of Honda and KAwasaki

There is not much difference between these two models by Kawasaki and Honda. The most significant difference between them both is the colors available in them. The Z125 Pro is available in three different colors, including black, gray, and white. The 2021 model is available in a new teal color as well. But you will notice there are no funky color options there in the Z125 Pro.

This is where the Grom will sort things out for you. The Grom is available in four different color options, with the 2022 model also having three different looks. But if you are looking for a more funky-looking mini naked bike, you need to go with the Grom.

Since the decision of looks and aesthetics is highly subjective, we will let you decide which one you should go for. But as far as the trims of both these bikes go, they are quite similar.


When you look at the price tags, there is not much difference between these two machines. The Honda Grom is slightly more expensive as compared to the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. But you will also notice that it is equipped with some features that will contribute towards a much better riding experience.

Hence, with better ergonomics and a much better speed over the course, you can afford to pay a few extra bucks. There is no winner or loser in this round because there is not much difference in the price tag of both these bikes.

If riding comfort is your ultimate goal, then you need to go for the Grom. On the other hand, if you are looking for highly responsive acceleration, the Z125 Pro is better.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom – The Similarities

Fuel and vehicle type

As we have mentioned above, there are not many differences between these two bikes. They both have a very similar design because they both are mini naked bikes powered by gasoline. Both the bikes are comfortable to ride with almost identical ergonomics. However, the ride comfort is much more subtle on the Grom because of its more ergonomic design rider-friendly.

Engine and performance

Engine and performance of KAwasaki motorcycle and Honda motorcycle

Both the machines come with a similar engine as well. They both have SOHC 4-stroke, air-cooled engines designed to deliver some exceptional speeds as soon as you twist the throttle. SOHC engines are not that difficult to maintain as well.

So, you are going to get plenty of value from such a compact yet powerful 125cc engine in both these bikes. Both these bikes are great for new riders. If you have riding experience, then you can go with any of these bikes. But we will recommend going for the Grom because it is much more ergonomic in its construction.

Gearing and suspension

Another common feature that both these bikes have is their gearing system along with the suspension. Both these compact naked bikes have a 4-speed chain drive gearing system, and they both come with a telescopic fork on the front end and a mono-shock swingarm on the rear end. Even the suspension travel on both ends is the same for both bikes.

Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom – Pros & Cons

Kawasaki Z125 Pro 2020


  • Excellent cornering.
  • Highly responsive throttle.
  • Excellent road grip.
  • Bigger fuel tank.


  • Weak ride comfort.

Honda Grom 2020


  • Excellent ride comfort.
  • Excellent stopping power.
  • Different color options.
  • ABS trim is also available.


  • Not very brisk on the twist of the throttle.


The winner of this comparison of Kawasaki Z125 Pro vs. Honda Grom is the Grom. The primary reason why this mini naked bike is exceptional is that it has a lower seat height which makes it extremely comfortable to ride for longer distances. Due to its design, this bike is much easier to handle as well.

So if you are a first-time rider, then you will find it extremely comfortable to ride. And to add to all that, you will get plenty of stopping power. The bike is not going to ask you much when it comes to maintenance as well. And the best part is that you don’t have to break your wallet to get it either.

Riding mini roadsters is a pretty fun experience. They are not that heavy, and anyone can go with them. They are great for commuting, running errands, and pretty much everything that you can expect from a standard-sized roadster. And if you are looking for the best one for 2020, then go for the Grom.

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