Is a 600cc Motorcycle Actually Good for a Beginner?

Undoubtedly, 600CC motorcycle can successfully attract anyone. But now the question is, is a 600cc motorcycle actually good for a beginner?

Is a 600cc Motorcycle Actually Good for a Beginner?

Hell no, the 600CC bike has excellent power, torque, and throttle to injure the beginner rider. Think in this way, what if you’ve achieved a decent speed and if school children are crossing their way and you couldn’t handle the big machine? You better know what the consequences will be then. 

If not 600cc then what should be the best CC if you’re a beginner? And what’re some top bikes for beginners? 

It’s a burning question to which most beginners are attracted. We know you must have these questions but don’t stress out! At the end of this article, you’ll get the idea of the ABC of CC and bikes for beginners.

What is CC:

CC stands for cubic centimeter, and it’s the measurement of the volume of the engine cylinder. 

In other words, it’s the measurement of how much the bike gives you displacement. CC generally relates to the size of the cylinder in the engine, and the higher the CC, the more power you’ll feel on the bike.

High CC or a high volume of engine cylinder comes with more space for facilitating fuel and air entering, thus giving you more power. In simpler words, the more the CC, the more speed, power, and smoothness you’ll enjoy.

However, CC isn’t the only fact that makes the bikes powerful. The engine configuration and horsepower also play a vital role. For instance, bikes with low CC but high horsepower would be unforgiving as high CC. 

Additionally, if you’re a beginner, then please don’t forget to note the bike torque. The high torque would also be the same unforgiving as high CC.

In other words, always go for low CC bikes if you aren’t a professional rider yet. 

However, it would be good enough for you to weigh torque, horsepower, and engine configuration while choosing the bike. These minor points will help you decide wisely. 

That’s all about CC. But do you think about why most of the beginners are attracted to these giant machines? If yes, then let’s find the answer. 

What’s in CC and Why 600CC Motorcycle Attracts Beginner:

The image that celebrities impose on our minds and the power these bikes hold attracts beginners the most. 

These supermachines are beautifully engineered and look aesthetic. But unfortunately, these machines have much more potential than beginners could use. If they use, then they’ll likely injure themselves. 

Also, a large percentage of novices believe that there are some newbie learned bikes without injuring themselves on 600cc bikes. Well, this is a matter of debate, whether it’s right or wrong. And there are other categories of people who don’t want to spend extra bucks and feel hassles while shifting from small to heavy ones. 

Additionally, some hard-built and tall novices think they will look silly while riding small bikes. And these novices choose heavy and strong machines over small machines. 

We’re not saying you’ll meet with an accident if you choose a 600CC machine. We’re not saying that you’ll die after buying these heavy machines. Also, we’re not saying that you can’t drive these heavy machines. 

But what we’re saying is that these machines are robust and have a higher potential than you couldn’t meet (as a novice). And these machines are hard to control.

Think in this way, what if you’ve achieved a decent speed and if school children are crossing their way and you couldn’t handle the big machine? You better know what the consequences will be then.

We recommend you be a highly skillful rider before choosing these heavy machines; after you become an expert rider, you’re free to choose any CC bikes. 

Why 600CC Motorcycle isn’t Good for a Beginner:

What have you learned till now? Is to stay away from 600CC bikes if you’re a novice. 

600CC and higher CC motorbikes come with a minimum four-cylinder engine. These powerful engines generate an outrageous amount of power in no time. For instance, in a few seconds, these machines can achieve 62 miles/hr.

Now, as a beginner, you may have driven or not driven a bike before. Here we’re assuming that you’ve very little or no experience. These machines have powerful engines that can catch high speed even after little throttle, and that’s why there is a high chance you could hurt yourself while riding these bikes. 

Even if you’re a professional, what’s the need to drive these fat bikes on the streets?

Another reason we’re not recommending these bikes is because of your pocket size. As manufacturers make these bikes from premium quality plastics and iron, breaking any of these will negatively affect your monthly budget. 

As a beginner, you’ll drop bikes; if you don’t want to spend $1000s on bikes, it would be better to stay away from these bikes. Now, we hope you understood why a 600CC motorcycle isn’t good for a beginner.

What Should be Your First CC Bike:

We’re already talked a lot about why you shouldn’t choose 600CC bikes. Now, what CC bikes should you buy?

For novices, the ideal CC should be around 150-350CC. These category bikes aren’t too heavy to injure you and not too much light that doesn’t match your personality. 

You’re free to choose naked, sports, or even cruiser in this category on your demands. These bikes are budget-friendly, medium-lightweight, and aren’t too aggressive. 

It would be best to keep in mind that heavy bikes like the 600CC and 1000CC are potent bikes. Manufacturers don’t make these powerful bikes for showing off purpose. Instead, they make these bikes for high performance, and your one mistake can seriously injure you or others. 

We recommend you buy a small CC bike to make mistakes, get familiar with your style, do little experiments with bikes, and still be alive.

Overall, it’s better to learn bikes through fewer CC or old bikes. If you become professional, you’re free to drive these big machines (only if your budget allows you).

Tips to Choose the Best Bikes for You:

So you finally realized that the 600CC motorcycle isn’t good for a beginner.

Kudos!! Now, what next? 

Now you have to choose the best motorcycle for you. Here’re some helpful tips that can help you choose the best bike.

Know Your Needs:

While buying motorbikes, it’s essential to know your needs. And that’s why we categorized some top bike categories to give you a basic idea of available motorbikes for your needs.


Low seat arrangements make cruisers one of the best bike categories for novices. Cruiser bikes are easy to handle and control. 

Cruiser bikes are very similar to hybrid bikes, and the best thing about these bikes is that you can choose the design from easy to complex structure. 

The cruiser has a long comfortable seat, which makes cruisers an excellent motorcycle for long journeys on weekends. 


Standard bikes are the most common bikes that you may find on the streets. Manufacturers do not make standard bikes to focus on a particular goal; still, they’re visually appealing. 

Standard bikes come in different engine types, modifications, and power, so be aware while choosing the standard bikes according to your needs. And don’t choose a 600CC motorcycle for yourself if you’re a beginner


Touring bikes are generally for long drives. The touring bikes come with a comfortable long seat and a handle adjustment facility. 

These bikes tend to be heavier and can vary from brand to brand.

Dual Sport: 

Dual sport is all in one bike. These bikes give you an excellent experience anywhere and anytime, either on the beach, streets, muddy areas. So if you aren’t sure about your needs yet, we’ll recommend going with these bikes. 

These bikes have high seat adjustment, so if you’re not tall enough, then it might be the wrong choice for you. 

Ignore the Power:

We’re not saying to buy a powerless bike, but what we’re saying is to ignore the power factor initially. While buying your first motorbike, you don’t need to choose the power above any aspect. 

After all, a high CC like a 600CC motorcycle isn’t good for a beginner. In fact, on average, you can choose any bike below 500CC, so don’t dream of a heavy motorcycle like Honda Goldwing. 

Always start with something small, and later on, trade your small bike for a heavy one (if needed). 

Seat Height:

Seat height is a common factor; still, the most ignored one; if you’re not tall enough, then ensure your both feet touch the ground; after all, this helps you control your bike. 

Bike Weight:

Bike weight plays a vital role in balancing the bike. Usually, a bike’s weight is related to its displacement; however, it’s not always true. Some cruisers have modest displacement but have more weight than any other bikes. 


While chasing your dream bike, make sure not to indulge in bankruptcy. Don’t disappoint if your dream bike is currently out of your pocket; choose another pocket-friendly motorcycle that meets your needs. 

Fuel Efficiency: 

Most riders don’t care about the fuel efficiency of their bike. Fuel efficiency is the most important criteria while buying a motorcycle, especially with a big tank and engine. 

If your monthly budget doesn’t allow you to enjoy big tank bikes’ privileges, it would be better to choose a small tank bike.

Till now, what you learned is that a 600CC motorcycle isn’t good for a beginner and some tips to choose the best bike for you. Now it’s time to look at some of the best bikes for beginners in the market. 

Best Motorcycle for Beginners:

Manufacturers especially designed these bikes for beginners. These budget-friendly bikes come with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), an engine less than 600cc, and comfortable seats. 

Top Bikes for Beginners. Engine Displacement or CC. 
KTM corner rocket373CC
Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE125CC
2017 Seat scrambler373CC
Honda Monkey125CC
Yamaha V star Raven250CC
  1. KTM Corner Rocket:
KTM Corner Rocket is a naked standard type bike with a 373 CC engine.
Picture Credit: im a puzzle

KTM corner rocket is a naked standard type bike with a 373CC engine, which isn’t too aggressive. This naked bike is highly visually appealing and can be a sportbike for novices. 

The engine is a bit on the firm side, but capable enough to handle sports and weekend riding. Don’t stress out! This machine is easy to control for novices and is capable of reaching great speeds on the highway.  

  1. Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE:
Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE as a best naked bike and the better option than 600CC motorcycle which isn't good for a beginner.
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE is a mini naked motorbike that comes with a 125CC engine. This 125CC machine is budget-friendly and highly recommended for beginners. 

Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE comes with a medium size, 31.7 inches seat, which is highly adjustable if you’re not tall enough. Unfortunately, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro SE doesn’t come with an ABS mechanism.

  1. 2017 Triumph Seat Scrambler:
2017 Triumph Seat Scrambler as classic bike and the better option than 600CC motorcycle which isn't good for a beginner.
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The 70s and 90’s motorbike designs are still favorite for many riders. The 2017 Seat scrambler is one of the top bikes with a 373CC engine with the original ‘70s and 90’s motorbike design. 

2017 Seat scrambler comes with advanced throttle and ABS mechanism, giving you an excellent look without any noticeable downside. 

  1. Honda Monkey:
Honda Monkey as a low seat beginner bike.
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Honda Monkey is a low seat 125CC engine motorcycle that was quite famous in 1960 in Asian countries. And finally, this bike entered the US market with upgrades like ABS in two different colors.

Honda money is a small size bike that might be too small for taller riders out there. But this lightweight machine has enough power to catch decent speed on the highway and make your weekends a great adventure. 

5. Yamaha V Star Raven:

Yamaha V Star Raven as one of the best bike for beginners.
Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Unlike the 600CC motorcycle, which isn’t good for a beginner, Yamaha V star Raven is one of the beginners’ best bikes. Yamaha V star Raven comes with 250CC and a five-speed transmission engine which isn’t too aggressive and neither too slow. 

Also, Yamaha V star Raven is a low seated bike that is the best bike for long driving adventures. The best thing about this bike is that it comes with a low seat height and it gives confidence to short-height riders. 

The Yamaha V star Raven is a fuel-efficient option that adds little miles to your weekend’s journey.

Top Mistakes Beginners Make While Riding:

After choosing the best bikes, beginners made a series of mistakes that they should avoid for their safety. Mistakes like incorrect gear, incorrect speed, and stalling are some of the common mistakes. 

Some top 5 mistakes that beginners makes.

If you’re a novice, it would be better to learn about these mistakes instead of repeating the same mistakes that other beginners made in the past. 

Top MistakesSolution
StallingKeep practicing. 
Listening to music while driving.Stop listening to music while riding. 
Ignoring the fuel tank.Calculate the distance and fuel availability for your long drive. 
Neglecting the bike maintenance. Give your bike weekly maintenance. 
Thinking about everyone judging you. Stop thinking about this problem and mind your own business. 


As mentioned, stalling is a repetitive mistake that needs a lot of practice to avoid. 

Novices should learn to synchronize the accelerator while changing the gear and failing to do so will suddenly stop the engine. Synchronization between accelerator and clutch can’t be learned through books and articles; it can only be learned through daily practices. 

Listening Music:

Well, listening to music is good for your soul and body, but listening to your favorite track while riding is undoubtedly bad for you. 

In the sense of overconfidence, riders tuned their music while riding, which ultimately caused an unfortunate situation. While driving, it’s better to use your ear to listen to what’s going around you. 

Try this; after all, your motorcycle sound might be better than your tracks.

Ignoring the Fuel Tank:

Imagine the situation in which you’re out of fuel in a strange place with no fuel supply. Sound anxious? Well, you, too, could face this situation if you consistently ignore your fuel status. 

On long drives, most riders forget to calculate how long their fuel will last. To avoid any tense situation, it would be better to figure the distance and fuel availability. 

Neglecting the Motor Bike Maintenance:

Bike maintenance is another skill that every rider, whether it’s professional or novice, should learn. 

Bike maintenance ensures the longevity of your bike parts and makes your ride safe. It would be best every time if you change your bike fluid, clean your bike chain, and check the tires. 

Thinking Everyone Judging You:

While riding, novices think that everyone is judging them, and this feeling seriously hurts. Look, on the highway or no streets, there is no one to judge your riding skills, and no one is going to give you a prize.

You’re free to commit mistakes and learn from them. 

Safety Gear for Beginners:

While riding for the first time, it’s always best for you to buy reliable safety gear for your safety. Here are some safety gears that we recommend you check out. 

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Helmet:

The helmet is one of the most critical safety gear for you while riding any two-wheeler. There’re some rules in countries which fine you if you’re caught riding without a helmet. 

But it’s not about penalty; it’s about your safety. In winters and fog environments, it’s hard to see the way ahead. For this purpose, we recommend an anti-fog helmet with a wide, clear visor. 

ILM dual visor helmet is one of the helmets which comes with anti-fog, anti-scratch, and wide visor features. 

While riding, it’s also essential to wear a lightweight helmet for extra comfort. The ILM helmet is not only lightweight but also reduces the wind noise that might disturb you.  

Flavor Rider Jacket:

After the helmet, the next necessary safety gear is the rider jacket. Rider jackets protect the rider’s chest, arms, and shoulder area from any unfortunate situation. 

If you live in relatively cold climates, then your rider jacket must be thick enough. We recommend you a Flavor rider jacket because of its thickness and leather material. 

The best thing about leather material is that it promotes warmth and will last for many years. 

HWK Motorcycle Pants:

After protecting your upper body, it’s essential to protect the lower body area. The ideal motorcycle pants should be hip and knee pads to protect your hips and knee areas. 

Don’t you want comfortable pants while riding? Well, everyone wants one. HWK pants are highly adjustable at the hips, knee, and waist area, which comforts you while riding. 

Our Verdict

Overall, a 600CC motorcycle isn’t good for a beginner; instead, you can go with low CC bikes, which are easy to control and aren’t too aggressive. 

Choosing the 600 motorcycles as a beginner could be dangerous for you and the surrounding people. We recommend beginning with light bikes and shift to heavy machines when you become professional enough (if needed).

There’re some mistakes like stalling, listening to music while riding that beginners should avoid. 

Bikes like Honda Monkey, Yamaha V star Raven are the best for novices as they aren’t too aggressive and super slow. Tips like identifying your bike needs, bike weight, bike height, and fuel efficiency will help you choose the best bike according to your needs.   

And don’t forget safety gear protects you from any unfortunate situation. Whether you’re professional or novice, safety gear is necessary.